hello to anyone on this trip

I guess someone has to start this thread so it might as well be me.  


Coming all the way from Australia.
Meeting the group in Split.

will see you there, my wife & I doing the trip for my 50th birthday.  First time with Exodus & really looking forward to it.  Hell of a flight from Aus, is this part of a bigger trip for you.


Not part of a bigger trip - just need to escape work etc for a break.

Having a couple of days in London on the way and on return plus an extra day in Croatia at each end of the bike tour. Can't wait.  


I think the trip is full, we may have got very close to the last two places when we booked so not sure how many are on the trip.  I think the cycling is anything up to 40 miles a day so there should be time for a few cold ones of en evening without being too tiring.  Had 10 days in Croatia last year but at the north end and found it to be a nice place with no English there at all.  Not sure about the south end near Split & Dubrovnic.

Dave & Julie 


On the itenerary I have, the longest distance is 55km on any day, so yes it should be pretty casual.

I think the max for this trip is 16 and it seems very busy in Croatia at that time.  

I'm going on my own and asked for a single room but am told there are none available and will need to share. (not keed on that)

I've had a liitle bit of e-mail communication with a couple of accommodation places for before and after the tour, and the written english has been good.

Cheers. Doc. 


Hi, the trip is full with 16 places taken.  I am travelling alone and will be sharing a room.  I have never done anything like this before so it is an adventure for me.  Realy excited and looking forward to meeting everyone.


I think this trip was advertised as a trip suitable for single travellers so I was not sure if we would be allowed to join as a couple but nothing was said.  I hope you get to share with someone reasonable.  Me & the wife are out tomorrow for a bit of a ride to keep out hand in before we go.  Do you do much cycling?  My original choice for my 50th was the Vietnam or Cuba trips but we didnt know if we were up to cycling everyday so we had a 5 day cycling trip a couple of months ago before we committed to booking a trip & by that time both of those trips were full & this was the only one coinciding with my birthday.  Not a bad choice though looks a good itinery & the day off with the option to go to the third island Mijet looks one not to miss.


I do a bit of cycling but will be going out alot more now that I have commited to the holiday.  There is always the vehicle back up if I get stuck but I think I will be fine.  I think the group is a mixture of couples and solo travellors.  I was a bit apprehensive at first about going on my own but realy looking forward to it now.


Where did you have your 5 day cycling trip and what distance did you travel each day?  I have been going out at the weekend but think I need to start doing more.

we did the coast to coast via hadrians wall over 5 days.  Our daughter dropped us off at Ravenscarr in the Lake District on the Sunday afternoon with the aim of picking us up at South Shields on the Friday but we finished the ride by wed afternoon so cycled down the coast & got to Redcar.  After doing that we knew we had it in our legs to cycle consecutive days.  

We went to Belgium week before last & had a week cycling in the Ardennes & actually saw day 2 of the Tour de France.  We thought that Belgium was totally flat, we were mistaken, the Ardennes is really hilly & we had a hard week.  

I just hope the group isn't all keen cyclists and waiting for us all the time.


Thanks for that, you have made me realise I need to get out and do more cycling ready for the holiday.



I'm a real fair weather recreational cyclist. Coming on the holiday with my husband Dave and just hope I can cope. Looking forward to visiting a new area and enjoying the views.

That describes us as well.  Looks like we will all be at the back together.  Last one home buys the beers though. 


I'll start saving now! Good to know we have some kindred spirits.


According to the trip info it seems that the pace could be fairly casual, with hopefully a "not leave anyone behind" policy on the hills.

Weather permitting, I go out 2-3 times a week on a road bike to do fast paced rides of about 5okm distance.   It's pretty flat here, so will see how this old boy copes with the hills.

Want to take it easy and enjoy the views etc. 


Doc I think you may have a few good rests waiting for us, take good book to read on the rides to stop you getting bored.

Looking at the practicalities of the rides I am told the bike are all fitted with bottle cages but as for carrying extras what is everyones intentions.  I hate carrying a backpack on the bike so was intending taking a handlebar bag but not all bikes take them.  Has anyone been on a similar trip to know if the support vehicle is available to carry extra clothes/food/etc. 


We too are cycle virgins on organised cycle trips so wil be interested in what other veterans have to say. Extra clothes? That will be the disco outfit then!!! I have a small under saddle bag that will fit money, tissues and a small tube of sun tan cream. That usually does for here along with my mobile phone!

I'm sure I've still got my white suit & platforms in the wardrobe somewhere,  true style never goes out of fashion.  As its my 50th on the Monday while we are away I propose we all head for the nearest disco that night.  It is rumoured that Hvar will be the next  Ibiza in the next few years.


OMG! Just when we were getting on so well I've realised we're going on different dates!! We are booked from 8th to 15th Sept. Well, have a great trip and a good birthday Dave.

Doc, Sue

How's the thaining going.  I'm on night shifts this week so will be attempting to sleep as much as possible so unlikely to get out at all.




It's been a very wet week here in Perth Australia, so haven't been on the road much.

Lots of time on the couch eating crisps and watching the English beat us at the cycling (and most other things) in the Olympics.  

Be prepared for me to try to re-gain some glory when up against all you English folks on the trip.........ha ha.






Hi Dave, I've actually been out on my bike today, I loved it.  Did approximately 45 miles but not many hills.  Hope you and Julie have been able to get out. 


get very little chance to do anything when working nights.  I sleep very poorly during the day so don't feel like doing much, consequently the week is a bit of a write off.

Anyway there is a bit of a distraction this week & I could probably join Doc on a crisp eating contest watching the Olympics.

Anyway Doc looks like the Nothern/Southern hemisphere challenge is set.  Will I need my teardrop sprinting helmet for the holiday.  Maybe we could burn some cycling gloves & compete for the "Ashes"



Jessie's 45 MILES puts my Sunday morning 45KM to shame.

Expecting a break in the weather and hope to get out tomorrow to work off some of the crisps I devoured tonight.

Saw a show on TV where an English Chef was visiting Croatia.... the local cuisine of Sheeps Eyes and Octopus has me worried.

Got my travel insurance today...one more thing scratched off the list.

Next priority is accommodation for London (both ways) and the first night in Split.

Counting down the days...can't wait.




hope you are getting out this weekend.  Me & Joolz are out today to spoil our waistlines with copious amounts of beer & food as is usual after my weeks abstinence.

We are off to Edinburgh next thursday for a bit of cycling in the Pentland hills if they are not too steep & the rest of the time at the Fringe catching a few shows each day. 

I heard an interesting statistic this week that if the peoples republic of Yorshire were a country it would be 4th in the Olympic medals table.  As a Yorkshireman that feel so nice.  I couldn't imagine what one of the larger participating countries would make of that. 

Dave & Joolz 


Where are the other 13 folks who are going on this trip ???? Maybe they are too busy cycling and training for the hills. 

Hope all went well in Edinburgh, it's a lovely city. I'll never forget seeing a fully dressed piper on a distant street corner and being very amused when we got up close to see that he was an Asian fellow....it appealed to my Glaswegian sense of humour.  

The anti-biotics are kicking in, and Iv'e been back on the bike yesterday and today...ohhhhh that lovely pain in the legs. 

Got a helmet cam to take on the trip. Will be trying to capture as much scenery as I can....either that or there will be footage of somone's big bum on the bike in front of me as we struggle up the hills.

Will take it out for a test run before we go.

Hope the preparations are going well.

Cheers. Doc. 



Got back today, the bikes were well travelled, they went to Edinburgh never turned a wheel and then returned back home.  Our daughter joined us for the weekend then a couple of friends surprised with a visit on Monday for a few days.  Needless to say we saw lots of shows, ate & drank plenty but never got on the bikes.  All the good work has been undone in one weejs over indulgence.

Doc, i assumed you were Australian, what a waste of an attempted wind up over the Olympics.   Scotland got more than their share of Golds, we even saw [email protected] two gold Post Boxes for Hoy & Clancy I think.

No chance of any rides this weekend either My sister & brother in law up from London so more entertaining.  It's a hard life


Dave & Joolz 


Hi all,

Really looking forward to Saturday and meeting you all. 






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