Hello everyone. Anyone else going on this Kenya safari?


Hi Neil, yes I am booked on this too! First time on  a safari, not sure what to expect. Hope I don't get eaten by lions or bitten by bugs! Have you been on one before?


Hi Hannah.  Ive got some mosquito repellent, but i cant find any lion repellent! Ive never been on safari before. Really looking forward to it. Im sure its really safe. I believe we have to keep our tents/lodges closed in case the monkeys come and have it away with our stuff! Are you on the overnight heathrow flight?


Hi - I am on this trip too. Really looking forward to it. Are you all getting your visas at the airport?


Hello Sue. I believe we buy a visa from the airport in Nairobi. Anyone going on the balloon ride? Sounds great but a little costly though. Have you been on a trip like this before?



I would love to do the balloon ride - I did one in the UK and it was amazing so I am sure it would be even more amazing there. It is a bit pricy though! I am still seeing how my finances go! Is anyone a good photgrapher for when we are there? Hope so!

I might just blow my cash and do the ride. I think you can pay on the day. You never know, they may do a last minute deal. I am a rubbish photographer, so if you want some photos with half the content cut off then i'm your man!! Wouldnt it be great if the migration passed through that week?


Hello Neil,Sue and Hannah,

I am also going on this trip - just decided on a whim on Sunday. I have had such a miserable winter and have just finished paying for our 2 daughters University education, thought Mum deserved a treat!  I had originally planned a gap year but a gap week will have to suffice!  Fully intend to do balloon trip as unlikely to be back again soon especially as number 2 daughter  now wants to do an MSc.  Worrying about what to wear - do mosquitoes bite all day or just at night?  Do I have to wear long sleeves and long trousers during the day?  Do you think sandals and a long skirt at night will be enough to deter a mozzy?  What sort of footwear is advisable? 

I will also be on the overnight flight from Heathrow to Nairobi.  Am staying at the Premier Inn Heathrow on the Friday night as I am flying down from Aberdeen on Friday afternoon. 




Last time I went to Africa I just used loads of Deet insect repellent and I seemed to escape fairly (!) unscathed - even in a skirt! It will melt anything plastic but seems to scare the mosquitoes! Quite excited about the trip now.




Thanks Susan, will pack plenty of deet!  Just need to find a decent camera now, any recommendations?  Dont want to come back with disappointing pictures.  Very excited now about the trip too!  Looking forward to meeting everyone. 

Hi everyone. I have had an email from tom bowring at exodus,asking if i have any issues or questions. He has been very helpful in giving me advice on all sorts, like money, insects etc. They seem a really knowledgable bunch and very happy to help. I am taking my friends expensive digital camera which you are very welcome to use. Not sure whether to travel to heathrow on the day or go the night before to be on the safe side. 

 The hotel by lake elemtatia (excuse the spelling!) looks fabulous. Lets hope we see some white rhino there.



Neil - now we are definitely relying on you for pictures!! Does your friend know their camera is being offered around??!!! I have a digital SLR but can't use it so going for my Coolpix which has an 18x zoom. Hope that is good enough! We can just share all of our photos when we get back!


Has anyone been told that they can only use Visa credit cards in Kenya?   I only have a Mastercard so am a bit concerned.  Have contacted Exodus and am awaiting their reply.

Hi everyone. Yes, please do use my (friends) camera. its the only way i will have any decent pictures on it! I think all major cards are accepted. Hope so anyway. I notice that the meals are all inclusive but we may need some alcohol. Anyone want to go halves on a bottle or 2 of red!? 



Cant wait! So close to departure now. Mom and 18 yr old son coming over from Canada.

We'll have one night pretour in Nairobi - anyone else coming early?




Neil - I will go halves on a bottle of any type of wine! Definitely!!! Looking forward to meeting everyone. Has anyone found a good weather forecast yet - all the ones I look at are really rubbish!!!


Balloon safaris now must be booked localy and paid for locally. (My trip notes still said prebook.)

"The decision has been made because last year on most departures the balloon flight didn't happen. The main reason was that the operator has been using a company which is quite close to Kicheche, but unfortunately this site is usually very exposed to the wind.

To maximise the chances that our clients will be able to fly, we have now switched to local booking. By doing so, the guides will be able to book the spaces locally with the balloon company that it's more likely to take off according to the weather. Also, as they won't have any committment with a specific balloon company, they can change company last minute if the weather is not promising in a particular site rather than another."


Thanks Heather for sharing that information about the balloon ride.  I was wondering what would be the best thing to do about booking the ride, booking locally does make more sense.  I cant believe I will be going to Africa in just over a week from now - it doesnt seem real !  Looking forward to meeting everyone.

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