Hello to everyone going on the Atlas Decent this Christmas

Just booked onto this trip for Christmas with my husband and 2 friends.  Would be great to hear from anyone else coming on this trip and to find out what training you are doing to prepare for it.



Hi Clair, I am going on this trip. My training routine for the next 5 weeks involves an hour each day on the turbo trainer watching TV having broken my arm last weekend at Coed y Brenin!!!! I am relying on the fact that the fitness I have built up over the rest of this year will carry me through and that I don't lose too much over the next 5 weeks.

How about you and your group? Have you done any of these trips before? Are you all MTBers? This is my first trip of this kind.



Hi Matt,

Sorry for the delay, forgot to log back and check for anyone joining in,  our little group are mainly road cyclers but on mountain bikes as a norm but we have started being a bit more adventurous and doing some off road trips on our bikes.  Training for me involves running 5+ miles 3 times a week and trying to get out on my bike at least once a week too.  Paul and I have done one Exodus trip before to Everest basecamp last year, it was brilliant, was really well organised so I'm sure this one will be too.

Hope your arm heals quickly, was it a biking accident which broke it?



Great to meet you online. I'm looking forward to dry, warmish weather. I'm eeking out a couple of MTB rides per week in between cool rain drops on BC's west coast (that'd be Canada). With some luck we'll be cross-country skiing in a couple of weeks so that may help jump start the cardio.

I'll be in Marrakech for 3 days and then surfing in Tamraght for 3 days before the trip. Perhaps I'll see some of you early.

Bon voyage wherever you're coming from....Rich


Hi , it's probably too late to start training now!
My partner and I have done a bit of off road stuff in the past but a grotty summer for weather...;-)
Hopefully the weather will be lovely in Morocco, We look forward to meeting you all next week.
Anne and Simon

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