Hello, fellow snow-shoers!


Thought I'd venture into the Departure Lounge and see who else is booked on this trip over New Year?  Look forward to meeting you!



Hi Victoria

Nice to greet you? I am getting excited now. Done a few trips with Exodus but I dont like the cold and have never skied or done any sort of winter sport so wonder why i booked?  This trip hubbie is coming as its a level 2 and mostly i like a bit more challenge but as i say never done any winter sports so level 2 may kill the hips and other parts normal excerise does not reach. it just seemed to tick all the boxes of things i wanted to try and never got around to but now daughter is all grown up and has her own life we thought it was time to catch up. New year away in real snow should be real fun and hopefully meet lots of nice folks - young and older ................

Not sure if you want to share further info but happy to share.

 Julie x (not 21 for a very long time)



Hi Julie,

Great to hear from you!  This is my first trip with Exodus but I've heard great things about them from various people so I'm really looking forward to it.  I have been normal skiing but gave it up several years ago in favour of scuba diving instead.  However, I suddenly fancied being in proper snowy mountains for New Year this year and decided to try something else for a change.  Have you got all the stuff on the clothing list that we're supposed to be taking with us?!  I'm really not convinced I've bought the right trousers....!



Eeek never had a ski on my foot in my life - well maybe one disasterous time but thats for over tea and cake - hotel cake sounds good after a cold day. assume you know its hotel chocolat - they keep sending me stuff with the  other hotel name but i checked its defo chocolat but it says food very good.

Been with exodus before and they have been very good but it all boils down to your guide ........ so far all been so good you want to return.

Not been through the full list yet - must get to that soon. I have my normal walking trs with waterproofs but also a pair of walking trs with a sort of thermal lining - i am a cold person but the couple times i have used them i have overheatred. I guess when on the move we will be very warm but then when we stop it will be cool so thinking layers. Told its not a british cold and its the damp that makes us miserable here.  What does the list actually say we need?


julie x


Hi Julie,

 Yes, I'm going for layers as well.  I think it's going to be practicality over attractive!  I've got merino wool leggings, normal leggings for over the top and thinnish waterproof trousers.  Just have to hope that will cover all eventualities! 

Not long to go now!  Have a lovely Christmas and see you up the mountain soon!


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