Hello, fellow travellers!

If you are off to Peru with this trip on 9 October, please say Hi!

I've made my own flight arrangements to avoid London, so I'll be meeting up with you in Lima Airport


Emma B

Hi John

I am on this trip and getting very excited!  It's been on my wishlist for almost 10 years now so just hope it lives up to my expectations.  

Any girls on the trip out there to share clothing advise?




Hi John & Emma

I'm on this trip too and it's nice to make contact with others going.

I'm half excited - it's a trip I've also wanted to do for years and am finally doing it, a pretty big step for me. I'm also half terrified - Dead Woman's Pass sounds ... a bit ominous. I hope I'm fit enough!

I wish I had some really good clothing tips for you Emma. I've been advised to look at a Permalof (sp?) jacket which folds up really neatly and can be used as a neck pillow. Apparently it's lightweight but keeps you warm. I'm going to have a look at it over the next couple of days and will let you know. Other than that, Milletts have come in very handy for some trousers and they've had a sale on over the past couple of weeks so may still be worth having a look at. I'm trying to take as little as possible and travel light!

Let me know if you have any other ideas.

Looking forward to meeting you both.



Hello, Really looking forward to this trip and meeting you all. Don't think I have any clothing tips though. I can't decide how cold it is going to be so I think taking lots of layers is the answer. See you in a couple of weeks! Louise.


Looking forward to the holiday. I've done a few of these types of holidays before and its a minefield about what kit to bring. It always works out ok( says he who's a bundle of nerves). Never be afraid to contact Exodus with any issues, they're very helpful. I'm also making my own travel arrangements so see you in Lima. John


Clothing is a bit of an issue as its going to be cold at night and warm during the day. The answer, as Louise says, seems to be to have plenty layers, to put on or take off as required. I'm going to take a fleece jacket. At least it should be mostly dry, as the rainy season shouldn't start until November.

Sarah, are you related to Jude D'Cruz who was with me on an Exodus trek to Everest Base Camp last November?


Emma B

Like Sarah, I am half excited, half petrified! Its been a dream holiday for about 10 years now and I can't believe I am actually going. I think the dead woman's pass will be really hard - I think I will be last at the camp that day!

Is everyone taking casual clothes for the evenings too - jeans etc?

I am keeping my fingers crossed for nice dry weather for us :o)


So not ready for this trip. Have bits and pieces all over the place. Can't believe it's only a couple of weeks to go! Where did the time go?!! I get butterflies just thinking about it.

I'm definitely taking layers. Bought or rather received a very early Xmas present from my work colleagues - it's an ExOfficio jacket (Permaloft) which is incredibly lightweight but very warm. It also packs away in such a way that you can use it as a neck pillow. It's not a cheap item though (£139) but is worth it. I road tested it at the weekend when it was very windy and didn't feel a thing. As for packing clothes for the evening, I'm with Emma B, casual clothes all the way so I don't have to worry too much about what I'm wearning.

John - I'm not related to a Jude D'Cruz but, wow, trek to Everest Base Camp must have been fab. You'll have to telll me about it as I think it's going to go on my list of places I want to go and things I want to do. Also keeping my fingers crossed for dry weather :-)


Something I've found really useful is seperate your clothes eg socks' underwear, t-shirts etc and put them in freezer bags. It makes it easier to find when living out of a bag, especially when camping. Bring a few extra bags marked dirty as well. i'm really starting to get a buzz now. S. America has fascinated me since I was a child. I've also done base-camp Everest John and if anything I ever do is half as good it will be amazing. Where are you all from? I'm from Belfast leaving from Dublin. I've 2 mates from Wales going also, they're something else, gauranteed a laugh. John


I'm from Kirkcaldy, Scotland, so if there's an englishman on the trip, we've got the start of several not very funny jokes!!!



No probs John, I was going to say I'm fully armed but then realised its not the most appropriate thing for an Ulsterman to say!! Really impressed you've done the Monroes and Base camp, we've got loads to talk about. I'm stopping in Atlanta before Lima, what way are you going. Just got up this morning and said- life is good. I also find myself smiling a lot now. John


I'm flying Edinburgh/Newark/Lima on the way out, due to arrive an hour or so before the London group, so will meet up with them at the airport for transfer to the hotel. On the way back, I'm Lima/Houston/Newark/Edinburgh. Always best to avoid London airports if possible! JohnU

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