Hello fellow travellers

I'm looking forward to our trip around Southern India.  Will we notice it's Christmas?  My husband Brian and myself are doing this trip back to back with a subsequent trip to Northern India and Nepal.  We are actively retired and don't miss working at all!



I'm also looking forward to it. I went to Rajasthan a few years ago and absolutely loved it. I never had that 'gap year' when I was young and am determined to do a bit more travelling now I'm retired (like you) and free of all responsibilities, unless you count cats and chickens. Shall we ignore Christmas or shall we take a few crackers, just in case we feel the need?

Hi Gloria  Shall we wait and see if there is an indian cracker equivalent?  Save on the luggage weight too.  Not long now.


Good idea, Maggiemay, particularly as I guess you have to pack thermal underwear for Nepal! Anyway, I bet we'll find plenty of local party stuff, - tho' I had thought about a bagpipe for NYEve....  

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