Hello fellow travellers and Italian food lovers

Looking froward to this trip - especially after watching Masterchef last night when the finalist were on the Amalfi Coast - W'ere hoping for some great Itlian food.

Cathy, my other better half, and I are seasoned Exodus travellers - but this wil be our first European trip with them.     We're making our own way - via Stanstead - so will hook up with everyone in Naples.

See you all on 11st May




Hi Steve. Glad to hear you've "done" Exodus before - and came back. This is my first time. Also looking forward to good food and, posssibly, a small glass of wine as well as the views. 

See you in Naples.




Hello Steve,

My wife and I (both Exodus employees) are on this tour too. It's a full group, so there should be 18 of us. There are 10 solo travellers and four sets of couples or friends travelling together, with ages ranging from 31 to early 70s. This is a holiday for me (not a freebie) and I'm really looking forward to it, having had a small trip to Italy (volcano trekking) a few weeks ago. 

I look forward to meeting you all tomorrow.

Hello Kai

Well I've heard of a busman's holiday.......  

Thanks for the info.   Cathy and I are looking forward to meeting you and your wife - and to getting some tips on future trips!!  

 See you tomorrow - we'll be hanging around Naples Airport waiting for you - all being well.  


hi to all - I'm Steve's "better half" Cathy (he knows how to keep me sweet!). Delighted to hear that Kai and his wife are joining us - that's the post-prandial adventure story-telling sorted then? 

We're looking forward to the food and sun - and to the archaeology too: we went to see the Pompei exhibition at the British Museum earlier this week as a taster.

 See you soon



Hi Cathy

Can we look to you for the lecture on Pompeii? I couldn't get to the exhibition. I'm relying on my history/ Latin classes at school. Hope my memory's long enough!

Must get back to packing. See you tomorrow 



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