Hello to fellow travellers to Petra & Palmyra on 18th Sept!

Our trip isn't very far away now! I wanted to say hello to others who are travelling on 18th September. I am travelling on my own so am feeling a few nerves with my excitment! I am busy trying to pack for the trip...but am having problems finding anyone to sell me some Syrian Pounds....anyone have any suggestions?!

I'm not on your trip but I did it last year - it's a good one!

I think we all found you could not get Syrian pounds outside Syria, so took £ & exchanged it there. You will probably have a bit of spare time the first morning in Damascus to do this,  and this is probably the best time to change at least some.

Have fun!



Hi Kate,

There's another string for this trip so you're not alone... I too am travelling on my own and very excited - have wanted to see Damascus for a long time.  Am only taking sterling so will change money once I get there. 



Thanks Tim & Susanna! Tim, can you remember if you took any anti malaria last year? And Susanna, look forward to meeting you...aparently I am sharing a room with 2 other female travellers, so we might be toghether?!


Yes, Kate, I believe there's been an overbooking in one hotel so three of us are in together - can't remember where though.  I'm not bothering with anti-malarials - will pack Deet and wear long sleeves...  Susanna

No, I didn't take any anti-malaria tablets. My recollection is that I was told it's only really a potential problem in the far north of the country near some lakes which we didn't go near. Probably a good idea to have some general insect repellent, though I don't recall them being a big problem.



Tim, how strenuous is the walk to the High Places - is it possible to give up halfway or does the whole group have to go together?  (I have one slightly suspect knee but would love to give it a go!) Susanna

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