hello , plans for the up coming cycling trip

hi is anyone else booked on this trip ? it would be good to get to know everyone before we travel !


thanks jamie


Hi Jamie

I'm booked... now just need to start training. Have you done anything like this before?



hi alison ,

thanks for the reply nice to know there is other people going :-) . yes i did cuba last year , a great trip with exodus . yes i need to get training too !

have you done any trips ? have you looked at visa yet ?



hello Jamie and Alison

My name is wendy and I will be joining u on this trip this is my first time too!!! so I am expecting to get a very sore back side. I've just sent off all my stuff for visas so just require to get a bit of cash and a few more cycling shorts.



hello wendy ,

nice to know there is a few more going on this trip ! i have filled out my visa app just need to post it now ! really looking forward to the trip now but yes spending money required lol . which airport are you going from ? i am going from birmingham


Hi, Im Ann & have booked this trip also.



Thanks for the reply Jamie.

Im flying from london so will see's u there. Anyone else travelling from london?? Hi Ann welcome. Still have the dread of what the hell have I let myself in for but always up for a bit of a challange so will be taking my own difibulator and oxygen to use enroute when it all gets a bit too much!!! not long now off to buy some stuff this week.



hi ann , welcome have you been with exodus before ?

visa sent off just hope i filled it out right ! fingers crossed ,wendy can you take some oxygen for me its good to share lol .the london flight gets in 30 mins after mine so hopfully i will be there but if its late tell then to wait :-)


happy shopping jamie


So, I will apply for my visa, I will get money... any ideas what to take, is US dollars the best bet and I will pump up my tyres and get training... once the rain has stopped that is!

Wendy, I am also travelling from London so we can arrange to meet at the airport. I live in Sussex are you anywhere near? 


Havent been out this week myself!

Im taking USD, apparently there are ATM's in the local 7elevens.

Ill send my passport tomorrow or Friday.

Im travelling from the US, please wait for me at the airport, my flight lands 15mins after you.



I will be traveling up to London the friday befor as I live in Plymouth after moving from Brum a few months back. Will be great to meet up prior to flight, see who the other mad people are???

Jamie I will make sure I pack plent of O2 for us all, someone else may have to bring the blow up bum rings for sitting on in the evening.  Looking every where for cycling shorts and me things sports shops are really not sporty shops unless u want to buy kit for looking good rather than practicality, seems like the interweb ios going to be my best bet for shorts!!! bloody High street shops.

Im taking US dollars as im led to believe thats all you really need if we get stuick im sure we will be able to sell somebodies body for extra cash :)

Dont worry Ann if im a mad sucker for doing this then i will make sure we wont leave any other mad suckers behind.

Im really starting to get excited shame its a few more weeks at work firts to get through

Wendy x


Wendy im loving your quips, this looks like a good group!

Btw - you probably wont get much for my body but maybe a leg!

sending passport off today, lets hope theres someone in DC embassy and they havent all fled cos of Irene (honestly they will find any excuse)!



hi all ,i found the internet good for clothes evans cycles have a good sale on and decathlon is cheap enough also !

not sure about the blow up bum rings i thought this was a cycling trip lol

has anyone started training yet ? i been out at the weekend a couple of times nice gentle ones to get started and already hating my saddle ,armchair required. think i will get excited once the visa back


hope you all well jamie



I have been out and done a few gentle bike rides so far (only as there are no hills in lincolnshire, where i have just visited the oldies) I keep begging the guys down here to take me out cycling but they've seen me try cycling hills and cant stop laughing!!! Jamie blow up bum rings will indeed be needed to get rid of the feeling of having the saddle attached to your ass every time you sit down!!!

I think one of these trailers that go behind the bike for kids or prodomently down here dogs to go in is required for the trip!!! could take it in turns to be the tejit that cycles!!

 Oh Ann I hope all goes well with getting your visas I sympathise trully I do. The last couple of trips i've tried to take have been total disasters - the ash cloud prevented one and the snow delayed the other so good luck.

Oh and if anything stops this trip folks its just not my fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking forward to meeting you all



hi all , my vietmam visa came today yay ! has anyboby sent of for the cambodia one or are you getting that on when we there ?

hi wendy thanks for the offer to tow me around on this trip very much appreciated lol you will have earned a beer of an evening :-)




Just a beer jamie oh you are selling me short there at least a bottle of wine would be deserved!! I got both my visa's here, so just the money to get now.

Does static bike cycling in the gym count as training?????


I now have my visa for Vietnam, was going to get Cambodia when we're there, but if Wendy has her's I may see if I can get mine ahead of time.

Wendy, ill be with you on the vino, I think it will be the only thing that will aid my pedaling. I dont think spinning helps road biking there's no dust, fumes or idiot drivers to avoid!

Still not been out.....


Hi Ann

well you see I thought if I got the people in the gym to honk, shout and make brum brum noises it would be the same cause believe me the stink is just as bad!! I think the only real training I've been getting in is the old hand action, arm out hand open close round glass and lift and relax!!!!

A few weeks left to get in the odd bike ride or two if only the rain would stop dam Plymouth and the fact it always rains!!

sooooooo looking forward to this holiday my freinds still think I have a screw loose, but its a way to pack up my bags and leave my troubles behind or along those lines the song would say.

Sees you all soon



morning ,

i managed to get out this weekend so training started took my nephew out for a ride and straingly managed to keep up and felt good :-) mind you he is only 10 lol cycling in the gym may not be the same but im sure it all helps even if it just to get youre backside to the shape of a saddle lol 

visa sent for cam , been to get travel jabs and booked in thursday :-( is anyone taking malaria tablets

sorry wendy yes you would deserve a bottle ill send you a e bottle x



It was a great trip.  Great guides, fine accomodations.  My big criticism was that we were sort of plopped down in Angkor Wat without the appropriate buildup.  It is a fantastic place.  I would have appreciated being spoon-fed more history and background.  Read about it before going.

Take $50US in one-dollar bills.  Your travel mates, and the Cambodian kids, will be glad you did.

 You have probably already booked flights, but this trip doesn't cover Bangkok.  Coming a day or two early is a good idea.  I didn't.

 This trip ought to whet your appetite for Southest Asie.  Stay for a couple more weeks if you can.  Four people on my trip traveled north to Hanoi before returning home.  Glad we did.  

 Get massages early and often.  It is self-indulgent, but supports the local economy, and is embarrassingly cheap.  Good therapy for long days in the saddle.  

We had good weather.  I took a fender that attached to the seatpost because of bad experiences elsewhere.  It saved me from the mud one day.  Its main use was to distinguish my bike from all the others.   Something like that is useful.

Have fun.....

Roger Hitchner  [email protected] 

What can I say it was great, well organised and lots of support. Don't bother taking energy bars etc as they were all provided at every stop and we had alot of stops so don't worry if you haven't done loads of cycling. One tip take plenty of cycling clothes as it was so hot you were drenched very quickly. Didn't need a waterproof either as you actually welcomed the rain to cool you down. If you get Al as your tour guide he loves Karoke! None of the group wanted to come home so all have a fantastic time.



Hi Jamie I am taking malaria tablets but dont need to start them until day befor entering Cambodia however if its like last time I took some I kept forgetting!!!! so anything goes. Im hoping to get out in the next week as I have a fair few days off may even take the nephew out and see if he can kill me off!!! looks like the others really enjoyed the trip and thanks for the tips guys I think I need all the help I can get. Massages now your talking I'll be sure to get them in as often as pos you never now may help with the sore ass!!



Is it too early to start now!!!!!!!

No is everyone taking back packs or just suitcases I dont want to be the only trolly dolly turning up with bag on wheels!!!!!!!


Great tips, thank you.

Wendy, im taking a backpack, mind you I will miss my 'trolley'!

Ive now got all my visas and a prescription for malaria tablets & like you im to start taking them a few days before.

How many padded shorts are you taking? I went out Weds and killed my ass, I need as much padding as i can get, im even taking my cover seat. Im all for the massages, wine & great sightseeing.


Im Pamela, I'll be joining you on the trip. Im really looking forward to it and meeting you all. Ill be travelling up the day before from Manchester. Im a little worried I've not trained enough for this trip but I'll be at the gym several times the next few weeks so hoopefully I'll make up for it. See you all soon. Pam x


hi everyone ,

thank you for the top tips much appreciated ! looking forward to the massarges already :-) welcome to the group pam

i think i am doing the same as you wendy with the malaria tablets just in cambodia which type did you get and where from ? online ? i am taking a big bag with wheels on with lots of pockets so it will fold down when needed

hi ann what is youre flight no if i get there first i can look out for it

 not long now come on !!!

jamie x



Hi there Pam welcome I dont think any of us have trained enough but im sure we will drag each other through and on the days that sense of humour faliure may kick in we'll just remind ourselves of the alcohol we can consume that nite or just kick the bells out of each other until the good old sense of humour is drummed back into us. Pam where are you flying from??

Jamie Im taking Malarone which I got from my medical centre. Feel better abouit taking my suitcase now not that it will fold down but hey a lady needs to take everythging but the kitchen sink.

Ann at the mo I have 4 very good padded shorts and two not so good but will also be takinb some travel wash so when in the shower can also do my laundry, so dont think i need to take too may, but im also taking my padded seat cover as im sure by day two i'll be looking at the saddle with distain and wlking like its still attached.

Sees u all soon



Hi Im flying from Heathrow. Is anyone else on the flight?Im staying in a hotel the night before near the airport but not convinced I'll get much sleep that night.  Im starting to get verrrrrrrrrrry excited about our adventure. I really hit the gym hard the other night and am out on the bike at the weekend. I've bought just about about fold away everyting for this trip. Fold away towel, fold away rain mac, fold away this fold away that.

The first beers are on me everyone yipee yipee !

 See you all soon, Pam x


Hi Pam

Im also flying from Heathrow and will be staying the nite befor I am staying at the Premier inn, maybe we could arrange to meet up at the airport in the morning, I beleive Alison is also flying from Heathrow so would be good to all meet up.

not been out much on the bike recently has have been a bit poorly with man flu!!!! working nites over the weekend so really only have a few days next week to do something ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Wondering what money to take all US dollars or specific country money and how much is one think one will need for all those drinks it looks like we will be sinking!!! help??????


Ok great yeah. Let's try and meet at Heathrow. Sorry to hear your full of flu and working night shifts, I'm a nurse so Im pretty good at looking after others, you'll b in safe hands the only problem is my expertise is in psychiatry so I may not be all that helpful ha ha! However usually several beers and a long soak in a bath cures my colds!
Im going to try and get lots of training in at the weekend, as for money Im not sure how much to take so Im open to all tips. IVe been keeping an eye on the weather it's looking pretty hot but rain and thunderstorms at the moment, I hope it settles preferably just as we all step off the plane. See you soon get better quickly.

Pam xx


Just back from a walking holiday in Cornwall, thought it would be a good training ground but sadly ended up being a cream tea and chocolate fest... so training must start in earnest tomorrow! Shopping today, going to buy the squidyest saddle cover I can find… so malarone just for Cambodia?

Heathrow people, I will travel in the morning as only live a couple of hours away, shall we swap mobile numbers… first one there can get the Bloody Mary’s..


morning everyone,

the walking holiday sounds good but where do you work think i need a job with those holidays :-),give the bloody mary a miss though, wine and beer for me .  i went to get malaria tablets and the guy said there was 2 types of drug dont know how you spell it but doxyclyne was an 8 th of the price !

money always a tough choice and amounts i was thinking of £100 in thialand money and then £100 in english with my card for the atm in cambodia and vitenam ,just didnt want to step off the plane and get to the hotel in the national park without any cash

 off to get the shorts and fingerless gloves after the rugby ,come on england !!!



Im taking USdollars as thats the currency that seems to be mainly used.

Re the Malaira tablets, I was told to start taking mine 2 days before I depart! As well as those im stocking up on B vitamins & may even take a small jar of marmite - love it or hate it, it works a treat. Ive got a huge packing list of which I start to plan shopping today. Didnt get out this week but will try & get two rides in this coming week.

Jamie, my flight details are: CX713 HKG - BKK arriving Bangkok 10.35.

Let me know yours, save me a place in the immigration line. Happy to swap numbers.


man flu all cleared up amazing what a few nites can do to an old girl!!! Alison when your down in my neck of the woods its rude not to have cream tea every day when its what they are famous for (making people fat). Hope u got some great walking or waddling in too. Yep all Heathrow lot def to meet up but can I make mine a vodie and soda!! Shall we agree a time and place to meet i.e. travlex counter at 0930/1000??? or something similar

MARMITE HATE IT YUK.  Im also trying to cram in a bit of cycling over the next two weeks too Ann.

Jamie doxy is ok but you have to be careful taking it in the sunshine!!!!!



hi hope everyone well !

getting nervous now what have i forgot over looked or not even thought about !!!

thanks wendy for the advice on malaria but its what the doc put on the script and just went with it lucky or not ! its raining then lol

ok ann will save you a space hopfully im there i land at 855 and its turkish airlines 64 flight number

yep not a lover either of the marmite but vodka now we talking ;-)


see you soon jamie


Wow it's not long now. It's reassuring to hear feedback from others who have just done this trip. Still struggling to decide on what currency to get, I'm going to try and get it tomorrow any last Minute advice would be welcome. I just hope I'm going to end up packing the right kind of stuff, it's hard to know what to take given the heat and the rain.

Wendy I staying at the Thistle hotel about a mile from the airport. I'm probably not going to get any sleep that night. I'm going to spend a bit of time around London before going to the hotel. Training tomorrow and Sunday, I'm hoping that the sun this weekend will keep me out on the bike longer.

See you all In a week

Pamela x


Pam do u fancy meeting up the nite befor flight?


Hi yes that would be great. Ill be around the Hotel at 6:30pm how do you want catch up? Ill check in on here tomorrow afternoon so we can arrange it. I can not beleive it is final here. Im travelling up mid morning I can't wait. I have just finished packing. Its felt like a long time in the making this trip. See you tomorrow.




do u fancy dinner or a few drinks at one of the hotels, I can come over to u if u like. give me a ring it 07714271014


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