hello , plans for the up coming cycling trip


i have just booked on the india kerala trip is anyone else booked on this trip ? it would be good to get to know everyone before we travel !

hope to hear from you soon jamie


hi ,was just thinking about malaria tablets ! any advice ?


My husband (Richard) and I are booked on this trip also.  

Have yet to do any cycling! Although running a half marathon a couple of weeks before.

Our doctor has advised us that anti-malarials are not necessary, as the risk of contracting malaria in this area is low.  However he did recommend that we had rabies vaccinations (£135 for course of 3!), as well as Hep B.


hi there nice to hear from another traveller :-)

my doctor said the same about malaria and said its up to me about rabies as its advisory in some parts but they never given one ! are you having those vaccinations ? i had hep b last year so covered .

wow running half marathon ,you will be able to run the trip not bike it lol .....note to self more training (or some training )

have you been on any trips before ?


We have had the rabies shots as we seem to be dog magnets when out running! (Don't want to give the impression that we are athletes - just shuffle slightly faster than walking pace!!).

We did the Kilimanjaro Rongai route/safari trip last year and had originally planned to do the Lhasa to Kathmandu ride this year, but thought it may be a good idea to try an easier option first. 

How about you?  



hi , im sure your fitness will pay off . i am a little worried about the big hill everyone talks about but it has to be done !

i did the ride from thailand to vietnam last year with exodus was a great trip but was a lot fitter then lol there are lots of trips i would like to do but yes the Lhasa to Kathmandu ride looks good .

i have been looking at insurance have you included the exodus one or found a cheaper policy ?

still seams lots to do i am not on the group flight as live near nottingham so manchester flight and then hopefully the same flight from dubai ! but i dont have as much time only just over an hour transfer


I don't seem very organised for this trip. Not having done much/any cycling before, not altogether sure what to pack. The need for 'modest dress' is also a concern.

We have company travel insurance, so have not needed any extra.  

We couldn't get on the group flight last year and had to travel independently - just as well, as Exodus failed to book the group on the connecting flight from Nairobi, leaving them stranded and having to make their own way overland to Tanzania! 



hi deborah ,

oh no that dont sound good last year ! where are you flying from then ? i should be ok with the transfer time just fingers crossed the first flight is not late

i thought my travel insurance would be ok as i have a yearly one but when i rang to check the cycling part they said as its not just for one day its classed as a cycle tour and cycle touring in not included in the insurance so i looked about and not many include this so i have to look at adventure insurance grr !!!

i am in the same boat with training but are hopfull to take the bike out this weekend :-)


Hi Jamie, 

As you have done a cycle tour before, what shoes would you recommend for cycling in? I have some spds that I use for spinning, but not sure I am confident enough to use those in heavy traffic. Also water bottles or camelback? 

Had every intention of getting the bike out this weekend- never happened, although did manage a 13 mile run. Half marathon in two weeks, so hopefully will get some time in the saddle after that. 



hi deborah ,

glad the training for the half marathon going well :-) . well i think it all depends on weather you putting any energy tablets in your water if so prob bottle is best so it dont clogg your pipe up but last year the truck is always close so i didnt carry a bag i left it on truck and they provided fruit and snacks at the stops !

as for spds i am taking my mountain bike ones as the shoe is waterproof and it dont matter if it gets dirty but your spinning ones could get mucky lol cos you on tracks as well as roads ,it was a mix last year sturdy trainers or spds 



hi ten days to go omg ! panic panic ,where has all the time gone seams only a few weeks i booked this trip and months to wait ! starting to think ive forgot to do something !!! oh that will be the training then oops

hi deborah how did the half marathon go hope it went well ? are you all set for the trip ?


I know I should be doing something for this trip, can't think what it is though. Think next week will be full on panic!

Jamie, thanks for advice on shoes etc, still undecided as to what I'll wear. Half marathon went well, thanks. Took part in a 3hr body combat session for charity at the weekend so STILL haven't been out on my bike-think I'm going to regret it!.

 Look forward to meeting you 



hi deborah, glad your half marathon went well , i thing you will be fine with not going on your bike at least you been training other ways :-)

hope you all sorted and packed,i am getting the case down form the loft later . keep thinking i forgot something oh well sure i can buy it there just hope i make the connection in dubai then all i need to worry about is the fitness lol ekk !!!

looking forward to meeting you also ........see you soon jamie



Hello Jamie, Deborah and Richard, Glad to see people are booked on this trip....me included! I can't believe it is so close now...starting to panic. I have done some training and I love cycling so not too worried about that, apart from the heat and that 'hill' that's been mentioned? As for vaccinations etc I was mostly advised to get the typhoid one as endemic in India but there is a national shortage and a recall of the drug so i haven't been able to get it, have you? I'm not bothering with malaria tabs as low risk in Kerala region. Can't wait to meet you all.


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