Hello to those joining

Hello everyone.,

Thought I'd kick off a post for this trip - I believe it's going to be a good size group.

I'm Peter 46, from Belfast living in Edinburgh. This is my first Exodus trip!

Very excited about the places we'll be cycling through.

I have never been to anywhere out that way before so a whole new culture to look forward to.

Hope some others say hello on here too, otherwise....see you all in December!

Best regards.



Hi everyone, hi Peter!

Saw your message and just thought I'd say hi. I'm Claire and I'll be on this trip with my friend April. We're both 33. At the time of booking this a long time ago I'd never been to these countries and was really excited about getting to know them. Then 2 months later I got myself a job as an interpreter and project manager for a charity in Costa Rica with most of my projects being based in Nicaragua! I only got back last week so there goes my cycling practise for the whole of this summer! I will most definitely be at the back of the pack so apologies in advance.

I've checked the itinerary and I seem to have been to 3 of the places we're going to on the trip since I've been away - Granada in Nicaragua, Cahuita in Costa Rica and Bocas Del Toro in Panama. You will not be disappointed!! Granada is just stunning and I was very glad to see that it was flat too! Cahuita is very cool and Caribbean and Bocas is just very laid back with lovely beaches and beautiful clear water. I'm really looking forward to going back especially as I got caught in the last hurricane so it'll be great to see these places in a bit more sun!

See you all in December :)



 Thanks for sharing.

 Brilliant that you know the area it is always good to get extra insights.

 I am really looking forward to the trip and hope we make more connections with the group before Dec.

      Peter :)

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