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Just starting a thread for this trip, mainly as I'd rather do this and read about the trip than get on with my work! :)

Look forward to seeing you all in Miri, going a few days earlier to say hi to a few friends and family in Singapore and hopefully acclimatise a bit - trekking not a problem but trying it in 100% humidity is what worries me, well that and the bugs the size of your fist! haha

Cheers all


Hi all

Well the computer seems against me posting anything on this forum..

However I am very exictied about this trip and have started to do a bit of preparation so that I will not let the group down. I would agree about the high humidity being a big problem but I am also not looking forward to hiking at altitude but am sure that the view will be worth it!


It's really great to see some people on here on the same trip already. Been wanting to go to Borneo for a few years so I am really excited too, bit worried about how wet it will be and the possibility of altitude sickness stopping me making it to the top of Kinabalu but other than that I think it will be amazing.

Andrew - your post made me laugh, I've also spent a phenominal amount of work time reviewing this trip and reading others experiences! 

Are you both travelling on your own, I am but hoping to meet some great like-minded people on the trip. 


You'll both be fine with the altitude. I did Kilimanjaro - hard to make that not sound like a brag but admittedly was quite a while ago, before sedentary effects of a desk job took hold! but the alititude didn't really kick in till 3500m+ and wasn't literally sick till after dinner at 4500m! All that happens is you just go slower (and slower) than you normally could, accept it will happen and with a little determination you just carry on up!  At 5000m+ even becomes funny, like being drunk you tell yourself to take a normal stride but the foot only has energy to go forward 6 inches, like an old man shuffling! At 4095m we should be fine if a little puffed. 

Just reading about the leeches - now they worry me! You get your nail under the sucker and flick off apparently.....uewh... still just read Duchess of Cambridge dealt with them calmly when she was in Borneo, guess I'll just need to to man up! :)

 Solo, Karen, been on 2 previous Exodus trips and the people (most if not all) tend to be quality!

Right back to work! 



Yep Karen am also going on my own- have found that similar holidays are normally a good way of meeting people who are like minded. 

Looking forward to meeting you both


Who knew sleeping bag liners were so expensive!?

Not long now :)

Hey! Yeah I know what you mean, luckily my friends went travelling a few years back so I have managed to borrow a lot of stuff from them, however I still seem to have spent quite a lot too! I think this weekend I am going to 'practice' pack and then discard half of it - always take too much!

Andy I know you're going early but Roz if you fancy meeting up at the airport (might make the stop in KL go a bit quicker) then drop me an email ([email protected]) and I'll send you my mobile no. 

See you both soon! 


Hi Karen -will send you an email, meeting up will be great, am looking forward to it. Am travelling from the North that morning so may be pushed for time at Heathrow. Just trying to work out what to pack as the weight limits are a bit underwhelming. Am so excited that I think everyone I meet know that I am going away!  7 More sleeps! Roz


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