Hello - Would like to meet people I will be travelling with

Hello all,

 This will be the first time I've travelled on my own AND abroad for quite a long time.  Would be nice to at least know the names of others I will be travelling with!

 Cheers, Fran


Hi, Fran

I'm Mark and I'm also travelling alone on this trip. Looking forward to scaling Sigiriya. Some of my friends have been to Sri Lanka and they've had a great time (one has been with Exodus and really enjoyed her trip). I hope you like curry (I do!) because I believe they have for breakfast, lunch and dinner!




I'm hopefully going on this trip too just waiting for confirmation from Exodus! Just decided today to book and really looking forward to it. I'm travelling alone  but have done quite a few Exodus trips before and if the previous ones are anything to go by it should be great fun.



Great to hear from you both - Getting excited about it all now - thank god I'm leaving this country over Christmas!

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