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Anyone else going on this trip? I'm part of a group of 4 of us who have booked to be on this trip, thought it be good to see if anyone else was curious about who else is on our trip.




Hey Dave 

My girlfriend and i are booked on this trip, flying froim heathrow on the 6th. really looking forward to it now, have you got all your kit yet?



Only waiting for a thermal top to come through then I am sorted.

So all I need to do is a bit of training. 


Hey Dave - didnt realised you'd sussed out the forums lol. Wonder if there are any other people on here who are going on out trip!! By the way kit bags came through today - I'll drop them off at Stews before going away so you and Matt can pick up from his



So far its only Matthew and his girlfriend so guessing there is just the 6 of us.




 I'm also signed by for this trip, and am going on my own.

 Really looking forward to it, not long to go now!

 Looking forward to meeting you all soon.



Has anyone worked out how much money they are going to take with them and in what currency / travellers cheques etc.  I guess its time to start thinking about that and I was curious about what people were taking?

Reading the trip notes it seems like we have to pay for all the meals while we're out there, which is 20 days, and they estimate £15 per day. Also there is airport tax £13 when we leave, and they recommend £35 for leaving customary tips. THen there is always souvenirs!

ALso on the trip notes it says that you arent allowed to bring in or take away the local currency, so you have to change it at the airport or hotel I guess.

ANyone think of anything else?

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