Hi any one booked Cuba 13nov 2011

Please contact me if you are going on this cycle trip too

Hi Babs,

I am also booked on this trip, spoke to  someone who has been on it and she only had good things to say about it.

Look forward to meeting you




Good to hear from a fellow traveller ! Have you ever been on a exodus holiday before?
I haven't. Are youanexperienced cyclist! I booked the trip but plan to stay ona bit longer to spend more time in Havana and hear some music and also visit some friends in Pinar del rio! I know it is only June but is surely will come around quickly. Babs

I have indeed been on a few exodus trips, went cycling in India last November, not an experienced cyclist at all, did it for fun and enjoyed it. Also went to Finland Winter activity week and walking in Tuscany. No complaints so far about Exodus. Where abouts are you? I live in Great Dunmow,Essex

Take care



Thanks for reply. I live near Bradford on avon and work onBath at the tourist office. What's your job? Last time checked she said there werefive people booked so far. I will do some training so that will not be last up the hills

Hi Babs,

Nothing wrong with being the last up the hills, the fact we are doing it is something to be happy about.

As for my job I am a retired police officer that after 2 years of retirement having a great time travelling around the world for 10 months have returned to the police and now work in the communications centre, take 999 calls as well as a lot of other things.



Hi Babs and John,

Nice to see you've got a little chat started :-)

I just boooked this trip as well. It'll be my second one with Exodus and my second bike one as well. I'm definitely aiming for the position of last one up the hills (on bike or in bus), as I'm quite bad at going uphill in general. Luckily I don't mind being last...

Looking forward to seeing you in November, or talking here if and when any questions pop up.


Hi Maria,

Nice to see another member of the group. What were the previous trips you did? I did the KERALA & TROPICAL INDIA trip last November which was great, so looking forward to Cuba.

Speak soon


Hi again,

I did the Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam trip in November of 2009 and have been longing to do another one since then. Now that I've really booked a new one as well, I can't wait for it to start (but I know it's still months away...). Some of the others one the last trip had been on the Kerala one as well, and someone else was doing it just after our trip. They were all very positive too, so maybe that could be an idea for future adventures :-


Good to meet you i have wanted to travel to Cuba for ages! I think the time is passing by quite quickly at least the summer seems to have arrived now. Where do you live? I am cycling along the canal here on my folding bike to get some practise! Babs

Ooops. I asked the page to send me updates of any new posts, but it didn't. So I'm sorry I haven't answered earlier. I'm in Uppsala, Sweden, and I'm just back from a week in England (Manchester and Liverpool, no biking (I'm still a bit wary about biking in countries where people drive on the wrong side of the road - driving is actually easier as the wheel is on the wrong (i e the right...) side as well. It's a good reminder :-) )). Will try to get some cycling done here before November though.



Hello there
Well it seems I was the last to book on this trip...hopefully that doesn't mean I'll be last to finish every day!
I do intend to stop and take photos if there is something I want to snap along the way tho so that will at least give me the excuse of giving my legs a rest while I'm trying to be creative.
I've done one exodus trip before round Morocco but this is the first cycling trip I've ever done...I am more confident about making it up the hills than the salsa dancing tho...think I need to practice both before I go.
Anyway, looking forward to the trip and meeting you all.

I just found out today that the trip was fully booked so it was you!!
Cycling on the flat is fine for me just worried about the 9th day. However am looking forward to some salsa/rumba moves! Helped along by a mojoto or two! Sounds like I'm a first timer exodite but the reviews sound good. Hasta lluego Babs


We've booked this trip as well. Myself (real name Pauline) and my partner Rich are coming along for the ride! We've previously done the Inca trail and kayaking down the Zambezi with Exodus and have had a wonderful time on both trips so we are looking forward to this one so much.

I'm rubbish in heat and on hills so count on me being at the back until we get on the flat! ha ha!

Nice to know that there's a good number of us and i look forward to meeting you - it's great to be able to look forward to a good holiday at this time of year! Cheers! P.

Hi everyone.

Good to see some more of the group joining the forum, looking forward to the trip and meeting everyone. I have just come back from another Exodus trip Mont Blanc Highlights (TWN) which was very good, as always a good mix of people on the trip. As for cycling have been trying to get out as much as I can but don’t seem to get the time .So for all of you saying you will be at the rear I might well join you.


What's everyone up to not heard from anyone for a while?!
Now that autumns arriving the thought of some Cuba sun approaching is great! Is anyone staying at gatwick the night before? Apart from cycling helmet does anyone recommend anything else essential for a cycling trip? Yes obviously I will be taking more than a helmet!! Wait for some news babs

Babs, if you have a read at the Dec 11 departure lounge forum I have posted some tips on there.

I did it the exact same date last year, its a really good trip... but I dont want to type all the tips out again... head to the Dec 11 departure lounge under MAH - cycle cuba.

My tips are there... have fun. x

Thanks for your suggestions . One thing is a gel saddle necessary I have those lovely padded shorts I sure they are enough? Also they talk about cycling gloves but ii can't imagine wearing any sort of gloves in the tropics! Also how was the weather when you went last year does it rain every day?

Have you any trips planned this/next year

Cheers. Babs

Thanks for your suggestions . One thing is a gel saddle necessary I have those lovely padded shorts I sure they are enough? Also they talk about cycling gloves but ii can't imagine wearing any sort of gloves in the tropics! Also how was the weather when you went last year does it rain every day?

Have you any trips planned this/next year

Cheers. Babs

Sorry meant to wrote Nicola not Dawn !!

Calling all UK travellers.

I have a very large favour to ask, if anyone would be so kind to take a pair of trousers and some socks over to my fella when you travel to cuba?  The trousers are lightweight cargo pants he needs for walking and some sports socks. I have them here, but need someone to take them over for me. I dont go out until Feb 2012 and would like him to get them for his walking trips with Exodus. If anyone is willing to do this for me, I would be most grateful.  If you email my email address on my profile, I can send them up to you in the post before you travel. I'll include his Christmas card in there too as mail takes about 3 months to get over to Cuba from the UK and sometimes its opened by the mail authorities.  I had a friend that used to go over but she got her fella here in the UK and I dont think he is returning to Cuba anytime soon!! He loves the UK.  If he is not your Exodus guide when you get to Cuba it doesnt matter as if you give it to your Exodus/Cubanacan tour guide who will be english speaking they will know who to give them too.

Many thanks in advance.

Nicola x



Well I was hoping it might notify me when new messages came up on this thread but it appears not...so sorry if I've appeared rude and not acknowledged the responses to my first message.

Weather looking a bit ropey at the moment but we've got half a month for it to brighten up a bit.

 I have absolutely nothing prepared for this trip as yet...I better start shopping!!


It has reached november and miraculously the rains have ceased  (hopefully!) I am taking one of the trek bikes out is any one else? I am brushing up my spanish again looking forward to meeting the group  soon!



Hi Babs, and everyone else, also taking a bike out. Are you or anyone else staying at Gatwick the night before? If so what hotel as it would be good to meet up for a drink. Looking forward to meeting everyone and if going by previous trips its going to be a great 2 weeks. John

Hi John am staying at Acorn Lodge will be there about 8pm as working till mid afternoon !


I did this trip earlier this year. Fantastic way to see Cuba. Very colourful place, lots of music, thousands of horses and hens, poor country with parts reminiscent of Africa. Very very musical. Very windy island - list of stiff headwind to get you fit. Loads of flat for most of the trip. Mountains for a couple of days, but I jumped on the bus when I got knackered (bus follows you) - in fact in one section I got the bus driver to take me to the top of the mountain and I cycled down it! Would highly recommend gel seat cover (as well as padded shorts) and padded cycling gloves. And plenty sunscreen as you'll get scorched. Loved this holiday. Enjoy :-)


Hi Babs, John and everyone,

Really looking forward to this trip and meeting you all. I've done the Exodus Vietnam and Jordan cycling trips, which were fab. Some fellow Exodus travellers who'd done Cuba recommended this trip - the itinerary looks great! I've been warming up doing some cycling along the Dublin coast, so I should be prepared for the wind, if not the heat! See you Sunday.


Hi all,

So not long to go..not even started to pack...but I always leave it to the last minute. Looking forward to meeting you all. I along with a few others are taking a bike over to Cuba for Exodus..so if you see me at check in with a big box say Hi, if not I will have an Exodus lable on my backpack  wandering around the departures area.


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