Hi is anyone else booked on this trip?

First time with exodus and I'm doing trip on my own-very excited that it's now been confirmed can't wait to find out who else is going!!!

My first time with Exodus for a trip that I've always wanted to do for as long as I can remember. Are you taking the Moonstone option?


No I'm not doing the moonstone option as with it being my first trek thought I better not make it any harder!!! are you?

Hi Nicola. I've booked the Moonstone Trek option but I'm worried that I may have bitten off more than I can chew. It is higher in altitude and that worries me for a first time trekker as well. Though my travel agent here in Toronto assured me that it is managable. I chose it only because it is the path less traveled and that in itself appeals to me...

...I still lay awake at night worrying.


I keep telling myself that there are other aspects to this adventure to look forward to, like the jungle/river journey, Lake Titicaca, Cusco and the bus trip from Cusco to Lake Titicaca. Of course there is Machu Picchu!!!  Not to mention meeting new and interesting people!!!

Have you been trying to make sense of all that we need to pack? My biggest worry is finding the best shoes. I think I get an idea of what women worry about when it comes the right shoes to wear.

Sincerly, Peter


Hi Peter

So so sorry for my late reply, ive just moved home so have been without broadband for a while! 

Im sure you will be fine on the moonstone option and the road less travelled does sound very appealing i'm actually a little jealous! I have been so busy lately that i havent really thought about the trip but just had a look at the itinery and i must admit im starting to get a little bit excited for our peruvian adventure!  I am the same really looking forward to all aspects of the trip but also meeting new and interesting people!!

I dont even want to think about what to take and shoes i have got no idea at the moment!  My email is [email protected] as just thinking email might be best way to keep in touch what do you think?

 Nic x

Hello Nicola, - So good to hear from you. I know how disrupting and busy moving home can be - so no need to apologize. Lots of time to chat before we begin our trip.

I have been spending a lot of my spare time visiting outdoor equipment supply stores loading up on travel gear. In September I have an annual week long canoeing, portaging and camping trip into the wilderness of Canada in a place called Algonquin Park with a group of old and dear friends. It will be an opportunity to test drive my new outdoor gear before we go to Peru. (as you may be able to see, I've become somewhat obsessive about this upcoming trip).

If it is not too much of a problem, keeping in contact via email is a good idea. My email is [email protected]  If you are on facebook, I can also be reached using my full name - Peter Ledwinka.

Look forward to hearing from you.



Hey, im Going on this one, My first exodus trip, and am getting very excited....

 Only 2 weeks to go now, I am just starting to sort out what to take, and am already getting nervous about what to take, how many bags e.t.c. I want to go light, but not take too little at the same time... 

 Have been doing lots of walking on the southwest coast path to hopefully get a bit fitter... 



Hi justyn great to hear from you and meet a fellow traveller on this trip! I am really looking forward to it! Must admit haven't done that much walking but been going to gym 3-4 times a week so hopefully ill be ok!
Will see you at heathrow on the 8th!
Nic x


Yeah, they arnt the longest walks, but been doing oneswith big hills... and trying to go gym once a week...  not long to go now, have just purchased the last of the clothing needed for the trip, and alo had to by some new boots on friday, as my old ones decided to give up on me : - ( 

 am just panicking about what to take now, as the porters can only carry 7kg which is literally the sleeping bag, sleeping mat, and carry bag weight, so everything else will have to fit in my little 40ltr bag... that will be fun fitting it in... 


Ha ha I just bought new boots today as realised mine were a bit snug!! I'm having a panic about what to take too but the porters only carry our bags for the inca trail and we can leave our big bags at the start so I'm sure that will be ok-think I'll just have to wear the same outfit for the full inca trail!!
Are you taking altitude sickness tablets as my mate who has done it recommended them said they really helped?
I am so under prepared really needto get organised but am at 2 weddings this weekend aarrgghh!!x


i went to the docs to get some, but just to use if i really need them, they were cheap, only £2.99 for like 10 days worth, but I had to go docs to get a prescription. I did hear that ginkgo biloba can help, but  im not sure, i did buy some of those too...  

 My new boots were lovely, I did a 5 mile up down hiilly coast path in them today, they were v compfy, but will wear them to work for the next week to, to make sure. 


I think i will be wearing the same clothes for the trail as well, and keep a spare pair in my pack incase the weather changes, Most of my stuff Is leightweigh clothing, so hopefully ok, will hve to do some test run packs..

 Hsve you got any antimarlarials for the trip, I did get some, and my first dose starts on friday... jbx 


Hi so sorry I thought I had replied!! No anti malarials for me as my mates have done it and didn't take any. Are you flying from heathrow on sat? If so look out for me I'll be wearing walking boots! Starting to get excited now although still haven't packed or wire my walking boots much yet!nic x

I hope you don't mind me coming in on your conversation. I'm just back from this trip and its truely amazing! Don't worry about taking too many clothes, its possible to get laundry done on arrival in Cusco after the jungle and an express service after the Inca Trail before leaving for Puno. It was only 5 sol per kg (or 10s per kg express) and worth every penny. Our guide arranged this with a local laundry rather than using the hotel. We all wore pretty much the same clothes every day on the trek - you won't notice the smell until the last day when you've arrive at Macchu Picchu and get on the bus down to the town, but you don't care and feel a certain smugness over the day trippers! It can get pretty chilly at nights on the trail, especially on the 2nd and 3rd nights so thermals and hat or something warm are handy. Save your luggage space for all the alpaca gear you'll want to buy and bring back! In terms of altitude, no one had any major problems - a couple of headaches but the guides were really good at making sure everyone took breaks and drank loads of water. Rehydration sachets or dioralyte sachets are a good thing to have just in case and soon perk you up! One more top tip - a few of us bought ponchos in Cusco - you can get a fairly decent one for about 20s that come in a small bag you can attach to your day sack (or a cheap plastic number for 3s). When it starts to rain you don't always get time to get your jacket, trousers and day sack cover on and they are so handy for just throwing over the top of you to avoid a soaking!

Have fun guys. I'm sooo jealous and wish I was going again! Vicki


Vikki this is brilliant so thank you for coming in on the conversation! I packed last night and have been really struggling with what to take and am still undecided on other clothes! I know it sounds cheeky and hope you don't mind me saying but would be ok to give you a ring if you are not too busy no worries if not it's just my bag is full and I'm wondering what to leave out so I can bring stuff back! My email is [email protected] if you want to send me your number but totally understand if you don't want to talk to a stranger!
So pleased you enjoyed it I'm starting to get excited now!
Nicola x


i have packed now, even managed to get my boots in my bag to, which means i can wear shoes on the plane... :)   The bag is sooo full thou, but still only weighs just over 15k,   so on the way back i will ditch alot of stuff to fill with goodies, and wear all my vlothes...  lol

 Am now starting to worry about the clothes i have taken with me, as all my tops and socks are based on merinio wool, which can be machined washed, but cannot be tumble dry, so am hoping that its hot enought for them to dry on their own...  I still think i have taken too much thou, so i will do another repack tomorrow, as I would prefer to pack less, and buy stuff once out their....  

 The anti malarials have been ok actually, I have had no real side effects apart from about 24hrs indegestion symptons with wasnt to bad. I have also been docs today, as am getting over the cold which i woke up with on monday, to get some anti-biotics just incase it goes on to my chest, the last thing i want in altitude is a chest problem... am getting very excited now.. :) justyn x



p.s. see you at heathrow on sat, at silly o'clock in the morn.. x



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