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Hi Anyone else on this trip?


This is my first trip with Exodus,  I have read the reviews and it sounds great,  I am really looking forward to it.   I would like to hear from  my travelling companions before we meet up.


Hi Christine,

 I'm also booked on this trip. I've travelled with Exodus a few times but this is my first time in Vietnam.



Hello  Mark

Good to hear from you,  you must like Exodus  then!   Do you know how many are on this trip? Where do you hail from?  I live in Jersey




Yeah, I've always found Exodus trips to be good. They say that there's only 1 space left, and the maximum group size is 16, so sounds if there's 15 of us booked so far. I'm from just outside Edinburgh.


Hi, my husband and I (both in our thirties) are booked on this trip, getting very excited now that it's only 4 weeks away (although will be more relaxed once our passports come back from the visa place!).

 It'll be our first trip to South East Asia, and our first long haul trip with Exodus (although I went on the Exodus "Walking in the French Pyrenees" trip last month, which was excellent).

 Stupid question - given the style of trip, do you reckon wheelie suitcases would be appropriate, or would this be a no-no?  I have a rucksack instead but it has seen better days...


Hi all, Gill and myself (Derek) are both booked on this trip. This is our 2nd trip with Exodus; the first being to China in 2006. That was a very well organised trip and we both really enjoyed it. We're hoping this will be great too. We're both still working though maybe not for too much longer. We've just got our final joining instructions by email. See you on the flight.

BTW The flight departs from Heathrow on Saturday 14th November NOT the Sunday as in the trip title above!



Hello fellow travellers,  not long now.................

It's time to start worrying about the packing and keep an eye on the us $ rate. Thanks for the alert to the Final Joining Instructions which I have read. I see that we don't officially meet up until we land in Hanoi but I expect we will bump into one another en route.

I went to Vienna a couple of weeks ago and the photo is from then,   I was just about to tuck in to Sachertorte at the Hotel Sacher very nice it was too.  It's not a great close up though but it is my first attempt at uploading.



Fiona was wondering what sort of luggage to use. I can't speak for this holiday but on a previous trip to China we had to walk with our luggage for several hundred yards - principally from mini-buses through railway stations. Last time we took sailing holdalls which were not ideal for that sort of use. This time we've got holdalls with wheels! I'd suggest you ask Exodus about using hard suitcases with wheels - I'd have thought it was probably OK.


Hi All

Look forward to meeting up with you all on the flight from KL to Hanoi as we are making our own way there - London centric flights not ideal for us up north!

What is anyone doing about malaria tablets?  We have had conflicting advice as to whether or not we need them.



I've been advised that we should have malaria tablets - specifically for the coastal areas of Vietnam and also for Cambodia.


There was some discussion about anti-Malaria tablets. This was the bit about malaria in my health briefing:

"Vietnam : Malaria (mainly Plasmodium falcipaum) is present in the whole country except: Urban centres, the Red River Delta, and the coast between Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, and the Mekong River until close to the Cambodian border. If these low risk areas are to be visited only, then antimalarial tablets are not usually recommended, but precautions against mosquito bites are advised.
Elsewhere in the country the risk is greater and antimalarial tablets are recommended. High risk areas are highlands below 1,500m South of 18deg N particularly Dak Nong, (Central) Bin Phuoc province and the western parts of the coastal provinces Quang Tri, Quang Nam, Ninh Truan and Khanh Hoa.  "

Malaria (mainly Plasmodium falciparum) is present throughout the year in the whole country except in the Phnom Penh area and close around Tonle Sap. If these malaria free areas are to be visited only then
antimalarial tablets are not recommended, but precautions against moquito bites are advised. The malaria risk within the tourist area of Angkor Wat is limited according to the World Health Organisation. "

As far as I can see we will be in low risk areas only and therefore we are not planning to take malaria tablets. Anyone else got different advice?



I was advised by my doctor that malaria tabs are necessary for the whole of Vietnam,  so I have stumped up £70.........


Do you see what I mean about conflicting advice?  I have to admit that if the anti-malarials weren't quite so pricey I would just take them despite the conflicting advice.  I guess the question I should ask is what price my health?



Re. malaria tablets - we've had similar ambiguous advice from the two different nurses we've seen at the same practice.  The nurse I saw gave me a copy of the map from the same website as the link Mark posted and basically said to make up our own minds based on where we were going on the map.   The nurse Tim saw seemed to give more of a clear indication that she thought we probably weren't in a risk area so no tablets needed, but that we should take the usual precautions against being bitten. 

So on balance having compared the map to our trip notes we've taken the view that it looks like we're going to be in no/low risk areas at all times (incl at Angkor Wat) and so we're not taking tablets, just some heavy-duty repellent and (possibly) the mossie net (mainly since we have one already and may as well take it).


Re. the suitcase vs rucksack conundrum - thanks for your advice Derek. thought I'd share the further advice I'd received/found.

 I've had two different response from Exodus - one on a separate forum post on Compass Cafe from the trip manager who said that wheelie suitcases were "perfectly feasible" and wouldn't create any problems.  Then a separate message from an Exodus customer operations exec saying as follows:


"We do recommend the rucksack rather than the wheelie suitcase only because the soft bag is easier to carry and transport as it takes up less space. You could probably get away with the wheelie, just make sure its not too big." Whilst the website of the local tour operator named on the final joining instructions (if I am looking at the right website - this wasn't an Exodus response) says that rucksacks are preferred. So am still undecided on this one.   


On our previous Exodus trip we travelled with our luggage in a variety of mini-buses. I can see that if everyone took hard cases it might create problems but just one or two are not going to be much of an issue I think.




Well, now that the bag is just about packed, I thought I'd better say a quick hello. Yes I'm Fio_B's other half and have opted for the suitcase and no Malaria tablets option!

We head down to Heathrow (from York) tomorrow (Fri) so this is pretty much last minute, I guess we may meet some of you on the flight, will try to match faces to the pictures above, otherwise it will be a game of spot the people who look like they may be exodus travellers. Looks like there's a couple of other Exodus tours starting in Vietnam on the same day so will have to be carefull that we get the right group! (cycling sounds like hard work).

Anyway, back to checking the Hanoi weather, see you on Sat/Sun.

I can't seem to get the email addresses that you put on the address list to work. Please could you email the correct info to me so that I can send you a link to some pictures of the trip.

[email protected]


[email protected]


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