Hi to fellow Namibian family holiday travellers!

Hi to anyone joining us on the family Namibian holiday in July.  We are Louise, Nick and our daughter (who will be 15 by then!) Taryn.  This will be our 3rd holiday with Exodus and we are really looking forward to it after 2 memorable holidays with them to Turkey and Borneo.


Are you going on the Family Holiday to Namibia in July?  We are and we'd love to say Hi! to you before we go.  We are me, Louise, my husband Nick and Taryn our 15 year old daughter. This will be our second time in Africa and we are very excitied about returning to it again as wildlife spotting is addictive!  Do drop us a line and tell us who you are.  Looking forward to meeting you all on what will probably be a very memorable holiday.

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