Hi to the High Inca Trail

I've just booked up so I've got seven months to get fit not fat.

So who will be joining me and how fit will you be and will I ever come out of this alive?


Only 80 days to go to the High Inca Trail trip.

So who else is going and how is your training coming along?


Hi Terry,

I'll be joining you on the trip in May, and am really looking forward to getting the boots on. I've walked the Inca Trail before (back in 1995) but never the full Salcantay route, so this will be a new experience for me.

I don't really have a training plan, but I cycle 25 miles to work and back most days and have a few days up in the Lakes over Easter to get the trekking legs in shape a bit. I might be doing a few long walks in and around London in the run up to the trip too. What training are you doing for the trip?

I'm the trip manager for all our Peru trips, so if you have any questions at all before we head out to Peru just let me know!

See you in May,



Hello Tim and thanks for responding.

It's great to make contact with fellow trippers before we go but to make contact with an Exodus bossman is the cherry on the grilled guinea pig. I don't really have any questions at the moment but I'm sure I will have before long, so watch this space!

My training amounts to between 20 and 40 miles of walking (in Wiltshire . . . not exactly renowned for it's peaks and gorges) per weekend and two or three trips to the gym during the week. However, all of this is subject to the level of pressure that the world puts on me to earn a crust together with the time consuming demands of my family. I've got a cake and beer weekend starting tomorrow to honour my father in law's birthday so not much exercise there unfortunately.

So I hope I'm doing enough for a lardy old bloke in his twilight years. I always rely on determination to pull my through whenever my fitness starts to falter.

Any road, looking forward to meeting you in the distant Andes in the not too distant future.



Hello again Tim, and anybody else who is joining us . . . if anybody else is joining us.

The big day approaches and the excitement mounts. I've done loads of walking, though none of it has been all that steep or at altitude . . . Wiltshire can be such a let down at times. I've also done a bit of time in the gym. So I reckon I'm probably fit enough for the trip but I'll carry on with the training anyway.

But what is harder than the training is getting all my kit together. There are some very helpful blogs and websites out there but the more I look at them, the more stuff I feel I need to take despite being ever conscious of keeping the weight down. So, has anybody got any tips on what we may have been told we do need but probably don't really?

I'm not sure about walking poles. I've never used them and I'm reluctant to spend a lot of money on something I may not need. A friend has suggested buying locally made wooden ones in Cuzco. Any thoughts?

Insects are another of my concerns. I like to walk in shorts if the weather permits but I've read in a few places that we need to cover legs and arms to avoid being bitten. I'm wondering if this is only for travellers in the lower lying areas of Peru where mosquitos are more prevalent. And what about insect repellent? I've got some Deet spray that I bought for a trip to Cuba a year ago but didn't need. I wonder if this will suffice? Also, it's a pain to put on and it can have some dodgy side effects.

So . . . any advice, questions, answers or hellos would be greatly appreciated.


Hi again Terry,

I'm getting pretty excited about the trek too as Saturday approaches, and hopefully I've done enough training to get me through it - it's been a long time since I did this much continuous walking, but I'm fresh back from a sunny weekend in Cornwall with lots of walks involved (and a beer festival, which may not have helped quite so much!).

My packing is going to be as light as I can make it. I'll be trekking with just two pairs of trousers (one fleece lined and one pair of lighter zip-off trousers so I can turn them into shorts if needed), a warm base layer plus a couple of lighter long-sleeved tops and some t-shirts, a fleece, waterproofs, hat and gloves, which when combined with the sleeping bag and mat should put me comfortably within the 10kg limit. It may of course mean that I don't smell compltely fragrant by the time we get to Machu Picchu, but my hope is that we'll all be in the same boat and no-one will notice! I've also invested in a bladder for my drinking water so I'm not laden down with bottles, but that'll be in my daypack anyway. 

I don't really get on with poles myself, so won't be taking those - I think it depends on how well your knees cope with steps. There's a section of the Inca Trail with around 2km of continuous high steps which do put a bit of stress on the knees, but other than that if you're used to rough paths then you should be fine.

The insects only really become a bit of a problem when you drop into the cloud forest close to Machu Picchu, and I'm going to take a bit of Deet too which should help with keeping them at bay. It can get quite warm around Machu Picchu, so shorts are definitely a good option if it's a nice day. There aren't so many mosquitos, but there are some quite large biting flies, so you won't need to worry about malaria on this trip.

Look forward to meeting you on the trip - are you taking the group flights from Heathrow via Madrid?




By the way - apologies for my late reply to your post. I have asked our web admin to investigate why I'm not getting notifications when new posts appear!


Tim can you please check and confirm if you are receiving emails from the Exodus website ok.



Thanks for that Tim, and no need for apologies. I reckon my packing plan is similar to yours except I'm not bothering with a bladder.

I'm not all that fussed about being a bit malodorous up on the trek but I wouldn't mind improving the situation once we're back in post trek hotel land. I understand that we can send non-trek stuff on seperately but have you any idea if this will land in the hotel that we will be staying in on day 11 or will it just stay in Cuzco until we get back there? All I had in mind was a few odd fresh clothes.

I don't suppose you know if anybody else will be on the trip with us?!

I am indeed on the group flight from London via Madrid, so if you fancy meeting up for a pre-flight pint or a crispy guinea pig in any of the airports along the way, my mobile number is 07745012211.

See you soon.




Good to hear it won't just be me stinking a bit by the time we complete the trek. Have just realised I'm actually booked on a slightly earlier flight from Heathrow to Madrid tomorrow (at 1710), so probably won't be able to catch up for a drink in London, but will no doubt see you in the departure lounge in Madrid. I'll be the one in the muddy Merrells which haven't been cleaned since Easter.

There are showers at the Puente Ruinas campsite below Machu Picchu where we stay on day 10 of the trip note itienrary (or day 11 ex-London), so I was going to take a spare set of clothes to change into after that last night of camping when we go up to visit the site. The bag situation is a little complicated, and works as follows:

We will each be given two bags - a large duffell bag and a smaller bag. When we leave the mules behind and join the Inca Trail, the smaller bag will be taken back to Cuzco and we will pick it up there on day 12, while the larger one will continue onwards with a porter for the Inca Trail section. Our bags with non-trek items (which we leave in the Cuzco hotel when we head to the start of the trek) will be taken from Cuzco to the Sacred Valley for the night of day 11.

There are 5 of us in total, but I haven't heard anything from the other 3. The group's pretty small because the Inca Trail permits sold out before anyone else could book. Really looking forward to getting to Cuzco on Sunday, although I do seem to have picked up a bit of knee strain in the last couple of days so I've eased off the cycling to give it a bit of recovery time.

See you tomorrow evening!


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