High Inca Trail


I would like to hear from anyone going on this trip, flying out on the 2nd April from Heathrow

Best Wishes




I will be on that trip with my friend Trevor.  Its getting close now.  Are you on any of the 'add ons', we are off to the Amazon Rain Forest afterwards.



Hi Lizzy,

Good to hear from a fellow traveller at last! :-). Yes it is getting close and I am glad I got organised for it early, as I am just starting my final Open University course which is going to take a lot of my time up before the trip! lol!!

Unfortunately I can only secure two weeks off so only have the time to get use to the altitude and do the trek. A friend of mine went last November and spent 3 weeks out there and did quite a lot, which I was jealous about.

Hopefully we will hear from a few more people in the coming weeks :-).

I am being brave and travelling on my own for the first time. I have been wanting to do this sort of trip for the last 3-4 years but found no one who was interested enough. I figured there would be like minded people on these trips and it would be a chance to meet new friends! :-)



Hi Gary & Lizzy,

I'm on the trip too and like Gary time constrained so only doing the trek.

I have been looking at the vaccinations needed. I am comfortable with the usuals (Hep, Polio etc) but a little confused on Malaria. It looks like if I am just flying into Lima and then straight to Cusco and trekking that I shouldn't need Malaria tablets. I'd welcome any thoughts or advice you've been given? I assume Lizzie that you'll need tablets.

Best regards,



Hi Hugh,

Good to hear from you! :-).

I am looking at vaccinations at the moment and from what I can understand maliara is a risk below 2300m and in rural areas, so looks like we may not need tablets. I am still going to chat with the GP about it though, just for confirmation, so I would advise you to do the same :-).



Hiya Hugh and Gary

I have malarone for the Amazon but even then I hear that some people do not take them anyway, Im just playing it safe, Trevor is still in two minds about it.  Otherwise just doing the HIT means no malaria tabs. I am soooo looking forward to the trip.



Hi Guys,

Nice to see a few peple going on this trip, Personally I can't wait. Never done this sort of thing before so it's going to be a real experience, and like you say Gary a chance to meet some new people.

My dad Ian is also going but doesn't do "Blogging" (not very good with technology!) So he told me to say a big hello to everyone.

Still need to get my jabs sorted and a new pair of walking boots as mine old ones are very woren out.

See you all soon. It will be good to finally put some faces to the names!



Hello Vikki its good to hear from you!

Well I had my jabs last week and luckily the Nurse dealing with it had done the Incal Trail two years ago. She said I only need Hep A and Typhiod. No need for Malaria if you are not going into the jungle or lowland countryside.

Does anyone know when we get issued our kitbags?

Do not forget to do your online ESTA to enable you to travel via the USA, if you have not done it they will not let you board the plane at Heathrow :-)

It would be good if we could all meet up at Heathrow before travelling as we have a transfer time of about 3 - 4 hours to kill at Huston Texas. At least we can keep each other company! :-)


Hi folks

It's nice to see so many people on here talking about the holiday.  Just 6 weeks now, I can't wait!:-)

I'm flying via Amsterdam so I won't be able to meet you all at Heathrow, but I'm looking forward to meeting you all in Lima.


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