High Inca Trail

Hi everyone. I'm doing this High Inca Trail, with an extension to Lake Titicaca, starting on the 7th September and would like to hear from anyone else going on this trip. I look forward to meeting you in September. If you are interested in the recommended reading list, the books are available secondhand online from Alibris UK.

Hey!  I'm doing this trek too.  I'm Helen by the way. :)

Hi Helen.  Good to hear from you. I understand that there are 5 of us so far.  I look forward to meeting you in September.

Kind regards,


Looks like the trek is fully booked now - 16 of us.  Really looking foward to September!


It looks as though I'm the only one doing the Lake Titicaca extension. Doesn't anyone else fancy doing it. It would be good to have company.


I was tempted to do one of the extensions (was eyeing up the Amazon one) but unfortunately I couldn't get the extra time off work.  I work in a University Library and it would have taken me into the first week of the new academic year which is an extremely busy time.

Thanks for your reply Helen.  There may be 16 of us on this trip but it seems that either the others havn't found this page or perhaps they are a bit shy.




Hi Peter / Helen

Looks like I'm number 3! My name is Shaun, looking forward to the trip and meeting you both. 


Hi Shaun!  Good to hear from another person on the trek. :) 

Hi Shaun,

Its good to hear from you and I look forward to meeting you on the trip.  I dont suppose you fancy doing the Lake Titicaca extension ??




Hi Peter

 I would have absolutely loved to do the extension, but I couldn't get any longer off work unfortunately.

 Just had my vaccinations today; it's getting closer.........




I did this trip about 18 months ago. Absolutely amazing. Reaching the top of the Chiriasqa Pass was probably the most uplifting experience of my life, with the possible exception of being at my kids' births and seeing Leeds United lift the FA Cup at Wembley in 1972. Treasure every second of this trip. It is an utterly beautiful experience.

Thanks Turnce. I'm really looking forward to it.


Hi all, (livia) and my husband Ben are doing this trek, no extension I am afraid. We are joining from Heathrow, are you guys doing the same? We've received the kit bags, did you? 


Hi Livia & Ben!  I'm joining from Heathrow too and my kitbag turned up yesterday.  Not long to go now! :)


hello everyone ! keith here! im afraid you all have the pleasure of my company on the Inca Trail !!!

i will be travelling a day before the group flight  i was worried a little  about the altitude so i thought the extra day lazing around would help !

i look forward to hearing from anyone on the trip.  

Hi Keith!  Looking forward to meeting everyone as well! :)

Good to hear from you all. I'm looking forward to the trip and meeting you all. My kitbag has also arrived so the countdown has started.


Hi Everyone

 I was just wondering how everyone was packing for this trip? Are you carrying your Exodus kitbag folded up inside a bigger hold bag?


I'm planning to stick it inside my rucksack, and carry my daypack as hand luggage.



I'm taking my Exodus bag in a bigger bag and once at Cusco I'll pop everything I'll need for the trek into the Exodus bag and leave the bigger bag at the hotel (along with bits and bobs I won't need).  I'll be carrying my daypack as hand luggage on the flights.

I'm planning to take my day sack as cabin baggage and put the Exodus bag in my suitcase,  which of course will be left at the hotel.  The same as Helen.

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