High Passes of Everest

2 of us from Derby are booked on High Passes of Everest leaving the UK on 16th March??

Please get in touch!

David and Nick 


Not sure what happened there, it decided to default to 3rd March departure but to confirm we are leaving UK on 16th so pleaae get in touch.


Two more: one from Leeds, one Hereford. Exodus told me when I paid my balance there were 6 confirmed and 1 interested, so that looks like more than half of us!

Viv and I met climbing Kilimanjaro for Alzheimer's in 2008; this time it's Rainbows.

Any thoughts about currency? I'm not sure how much and whether to take Nepali ruppees or whether USD might be better as it often is.

I've got my visa sorted already, the Embassy in London is very efficient - returned my passport in just over a week in the Christmas post.

Counting down the days!

Mike (& Viv)


Hi Mike and Viv, look forward to meeting you in person, sorry for the tardy response, Ive been rushing round the UK for work. Haven't sorted the Visas, we were going to get them over there but you've made me think now. Are you doing the Chitwan extension as well? We thought whilst we are over there we might as well. This is a trip to celebrate our 50th Birthdays with our respective partners giving us permission to go. On the cash front we were going to get Nepali rupees although it sounds like we might have to carry a quite a few around with us. How are you getting to Heathrow? We are driving and have already booked parking. You are welcome to come with us if it is easier for you to get the train from Leeds to Derby. My email is [email protected] which may get a quicker response! Best wishes David


Starting to get excited about it now. Sadly the Chitwan extension is a step too far with annual leave and/or domestic tolerance!
It seems Nepal doesn't allow her currency to leave the country so sterling cash looks like the way forward until we reach Kathmandu.
I'm flying from Manchester, but thank you for the offer.


No problem, look forward to meeting you over there.


Flying to Heathrow from Manchester I should have said.

Have you been on Exodus trips before? Do you know if it's possible to influence seating on the aircraft or if it's all chance? As I'm checking in at Manchester I won't be able to get seats together by arriving together.


OK, great look out for us at the airport with Exodus tags on our baggage.  Yes, I've been with Exodus a few times, the plane seating is usually together with your travelling companion (if pre allocated to Exodus) but not necessarily with the rest of the Exodus Passengers. But very much depends on the airline. When we went to Peru, there were two other Exodus trips on the same plane and we all sat in the same vicinty. On one of my first trips the check in desk just had a hand written list of the Exodus party and ticked us off as we checked in which was a bit bizarre. You could try contacting Exodus for something more positive. 


Hi Mike, 

I've just been on to Exodus and requested that they book seats for Nick and myself, it's probably a good option as it may be pot luck on the day from the  sound of it.

Best wishes


Hi all!

Although its a bit late I thought I would pop on and say that myself and another are probably the mystery pair!  

Im from York (Name is Con) and the other is from Leeds, we are flying from Manchester and we arent doing the extension as work would probably declare me rogue and release the winged monkeys.



Thanks for the link Mike, I'll check it out. Hi Con look forward to meting you all soon. Is it definitely just 6 of us? I just hope I don't slow you all down.



Hi David,

Im not sure what the score with numbers is and dont worry about slowing anyone down because I certainly wont be trying to break any world records.

 Just noticed that link, good call Mike.



Exodus say there are 7 in the group. 6 men 1 woman. So there is one mystery person to find. Age range from late 20s to 50. Nick and I are the 50s so we will rely on the rest of you to pull us up those mountains! Less than two weeks, can't wait.

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