Highlights of Morocco - 1st to 15th May 2011


 I was just wondering who else was going on this trip. I'm counting down the days!



hi faith

see you there! 



Hi girls,  i'm going too and can't wait. This is my first Exodus trip and first trip to Morocco. At the moment am trying to decide what clothes to buy - have either of you been to Morocco before or know what clothes are suitable/appropriate?

Look forward to meeting you for our adventure!



hey tanya

morocco is an islamic country, but a fairly relaxed one.  even so you should have your shoulders covered.  i'm already here and have been wearing shorts which come just above the knee, and that doesnt seem to have been a problem so far.   the more inappropriately dressed you are, the more you will get stared at - conservative is the way forward.   some places may require women to cover their heads with a scarf, but there are plenty of places to buy them.   dont bring too much stuff with you.  there is so much to buy here, you're better off with an empty bag to fill up while you are here!

the mosquitos here seem to have big teeth, but they are not malarial (a good thing) but if you react badly to bites, bring some antihistamine cream with you, although there does seem to be a pharmacy on every street corner.

oh, and its a french style 2 pin plug if you need to charge anything.

see you soon 


Hi Linda

Thanks so much for your post. I've been worrying about what clothes to take and I'm still on the hunt for a couple more tops before Sunday! It's really useful knowing what is acceptable as I don't want to offend anyone.

I can't believe that I'll be in Morocco in less than a week. Look forward to meeting you all soon.



Hi Linda

I'm sorry I haven't got back to you Easter has been really busy! Thanks for your advice, I was wondering about keeping shoulders covered. Faith, like you I'm still looking for a couple more light Tshirts and also some knee length shorts. Thanks for the mosquito tip - will also bring some mosquito repellent! Looking forward to meeting you both on Sunday - have been listening to some Maghreb sounds to get into the spirit of things!!




not sure yet if i'll come to the airport, or just wait for you at the hotel.  but looking forward to meeting you soon




either way is great - looking forward to cool refreshing drink when we arrive!! btw i have a bit of a foot issue for some silly reason. do you think i can get away with flip flops...? and anything you need last minute from london?


Looking forward to meeting you both soon too. It's nice to know there wil be other people there when I arrive. Do you think I should bring a jumper for the evenings, or does it stay hot all day?

Oh, one more question Linda - how much money do you reckon I'll need for the 2 weeks, and did you exchange your £s at the airport?

 Yikes - I really do have loads to sort still and time is fast running out!!!



Tanya, i'm sure flip flops will be fine for wandering around towns, markets, mosques etc..  but bring proper shoes for the big walks too.       wouldnt say no to a bag of wine gums if you can fit them in :)

Faith, bring a jumper.  i'm in casablanca now and its chilly in the evenings, and i'm sure up in the mountains it will be cooler too.    during the day its nice and warm.

money wise  - depends how much beer you drink!  plus i've found that eating out so far has been roughly about £8 - £10 ish, things are not as cheap here as i'd expected.   unless you eat street food all the time which is an average of about £4 - £5.   bottles of water are about 80pence a litre.     there are loads of places to change money at casa airport, so you can do it when you arrive.  the rate for £ was 12.12  and $ 7.6.      i got 7.7 in town the other day.     i'd say for starters change about £300,  we'll be able to change along the way.

see you girls sunday 


Thanks again Linda for your reassurance on the flip flop front! I'll bring trainers for the walks. I hope you are not worried about the Marrakech incident, very scary and horrible. Let's hope that's the end of it..

[email protected] get you the wine gums tomorrow. can see why you miss them!! i used to live in italy and would come back to the uk craving a decent kebab! - looking forward to tasting the moroccon variety

One last thing about the sleeping bag. A friend has just lent me one but it takes up half my suitacase.. do you think i can take it as hand luggage? or do i need to buy a last minute expensive tiny trendy one...??

yep see you both on Sunday!!


hey tanya, hope you get this in time.

take it hand luggage.   i'm sure it will be ok, then you can just dump it on the back seat of the bus or something.  dont waste money buying one.

not worried about the marrakech thing.  i was on the train to marrakech and arrived about half hour after it happened.   security has been increased, and the moroccans are taking the thing very seriously.  all will be ok.

see you  tonight


I've enjoyed reading Ur chats & advice, as I'm on same trip on 28 May & just can't wait!!! U guys R there now I know, but wanted 2 that U all the same!


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