Highlights of Morocco, Any one else going??

Hi all!

I'm kind of nervous as its gonna be my first trip without my parents with me. I hope I'm not going to be the youngest person...

I'm departing on Sunday 11th September 2011 from Heathrow, London...

Anyways... Hope to see you soon!

- K



I'm thinking of going on this trip. Did you hear back from anyone else? Don't worry, you'll have a great time and it will be cool meeting new people. How old are you by the way? I'm 30 - so just a little bit older than you I guess :-)


Hi GemmaDavies.

You're actually the first person to get back to me. Thanks by the way.

Well you are just a little bit older than me - by 11 years! I'm 19.

I really was hoping in vain, cos the only other (adult) age younger than me would be 18, and i've been called mad by those around me (except my family) that I'm mad to go solo - no one I know with me. But I'll make some new friends and hopefully you'ld be one of them.

- Bye bye for now!


Hi Marie,

I'm coming by myself too.  I'm not younger than you (grand old age of 29) but don't think that matters.  I've joined groups before (though not with Exodus) and always had a fab time and hopefully Morocco will be the same!  Are you on the group flight from Heathrow?



Yeah. I'm going from Heathrow, Flight no.: AT801, Carrier: Royal Air Maroc.   I don't really think age matters too much either. Not in the way of friendship and enjoying yourself!   I've been really looking forward to this holiday - not just coz it's my first with no parents around! lol.   I think i'm looking forward to the traveling by camel on day 7. Certainly will be an experience!   There's so much to do... so many more experiences...

I went on a group tour with my parents in Turkey. That was awesome. You see so much more than if you stay in one area for two weeks as generally you end up lazing by the pool or on a beech. Not that theres anything wrong with tha, but you spend out money to go to a different place and do what? Not my thing I like 80% adventure and only 20% relaxing lazyness! Thats why I think the tours are so good!

I'm getting more excited by the day.

Well - Bye for now... (Sorry If I said too much/waffled)


Yeah, I don't really do beach holidays!  I spent quite a lot of time on the beach on my last major holiday, but that was because we were sleeping on it during a couple of weeks whitewater rafting down the grand canyon!

 I'm looking forward to the variety with this tour too.  And the camels, which should be a bit different!


To be honest I have actually been on a camel before. BUT that was just a tourist thing of 10ish mins. Like how it's gonna be on this tour? Never!

I wonder if any of the places we stay in have swimming pools... I like to swim, especially in a hot place. Yeah it's September, but will still prob be around 30...



Anyone else as excited as me?

Hi Ladies,

Hope the packing is going well :)

I'll be on this trip as a solo traveller too and will be on the group flight -- look forward to meeting you tomorrow!

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