Look forward to hearing from anyone booked on this trip.



Yep, looking forward to it :)


Hi Jo and Matt

Really excited.  It'll be my first time in Nepal, everyone says it's amazing and you want to go back.


Looking forward to the trip just come back from a cycling tour in IndoChina with Exodus which was fantastic so if our trip is as well organised it will be great.



Well, nice to meet you all.  Where does everyone come from? Bournemouth UK myself (as is Joanne)


I'm not actually going on this trip, but did visit Nepal in 2009 and know that you will fall in love with the place!  Karen, you are right I am sure you will want to return - it is such a beautiful place and the people are so lovely and friendly.

Whilst I didn't do this trip (I went with Explore - shhhh don't tell anyone!) we did go to quite a few of the places you visit on this trip.  In Kathmandu, I would certainly recommend visiting Boudhnath Temple and also Pashupatinath - there is a Hindu temple there and the funeral ghats - it is very moving.

I am sure you will have a wonderful time - I am so jealous!




 I'm not a million miles from you, Matt and Joanne, I live just South of Winchester.

No doubt we'll swap plenty of travel stories, I went to Cuba in January with Exodus and it too was a well organised trip and a fab group of people.  I'm hoping for a similar experience. ;-)



Hi everyone - I am starting to get excited now and am wondering if I have everything I need....

Nepal was on the tv last - 'The world's most dangerous roads' - well the scenery looked fabulous anyway!Kathmandu looked so much bigger than I had imagined.

Karen - I am thinking of Cuba for next year so you will have to let me know all about your trip.  

I went with Exodus last year (for the first time) to Morocco and had a wonderful time and met great people - am sure this trip will be just the same.

Shall we arrange to meet up at Heathrow, or would you prefer waiting until Kathmandu?

Catherine - thanks for giving us an insight into Nepal.  I am starting to look at my guide book to see what sights are recommended.  But the one question I do have is - how cold does it get at night? 



When I was there it was mid October and on the evenings, generally a light fleece was fine.  It was cold in Nagarkot, but I am not sure whether you trip goes there.  We did a sunrise walk from near Pokhara and it was cold very early on.   Chitwan was a little cooler on an evening - but again didn't need anymore than a light fleece.  Not sure if this was typical - but it is what I experienced.

I saw that 'Dangerous Roads' programme last night - really took me back - Kathmandu is really big - I was surprised when I got there too. 


You will definitely fall in love with Nepal, the people and country are wonderful. Our 1st visit was 4yrs ago and we have been for the last 4yrs to various places including the Everest trail. It is so different we fell in love with it on our 1st visit hence going back. Would have liked to have gone back again this year but we feel we have now done all Nepal so to speak as we have covered all in various trips made. Our 1st trip was by a UK company and then afterwards we did it privately thro a Nepali. The weather has been varied each time, but the later you go the clearer it is. If you get the chance do the Everest flight it is well worth the expense. Even go back and do the Everest trail another year - you don't have to go to Base Camp we didn't  because we are quite old and didn't think we could do the camping side. But we did get to Ama Dablam base camp and the views all along are tremendous, we met lots of Everest groups. The roads aren't good but the journeys are worth it. Enjoy, we did. This year its Peru


Thanks Catherine and Sandra for your posts - it is really good to get advice from people who have been there before.  I have fleeces so I should be OK as our departure is 23 October.  I was getting concerned that I might need to take a warm jacket and hats / gloves for the trek part of the trip. 

I think after seeing the size of Kathmandu that I might prefer the other places we are visiting on the trip such as Banipur and Pokhara.  I am also looking forward to Chitwan and am hoping to be the one to see the elusive tiger!  Has anyone seen one there?

I have not yet decided whether to do the Everest flight - I know my friend Matt is keen.  I am not worried about the flight, I am just wondering if there is enough time to do the flight AND explore the city - we only have 1 full day there I think.

Sandra - I went to Peru in 2006 and had the most fantastic time - would go back at the drop of a hat.  If you have any questions then just ask.

I'm happy to meet up at Heathrow as I'm travelling alone so maybe we can plan something.


Just had a quick look at your trip, its beautiful. The lodges on your trek are super, they even put hot water bottles in your bed at night. Pokhara has a lovely restaurant on the front where you can sit and relax, the shopping is good here too - don't forget to barter. Regarding Chitwan, we didn't see a tiger and to be honest I'm quite sceptical as to whether there are any! The accomodation we had there was superb, watching for the 'crocs' eyes in the dark. Do try and get an Everest flight, it usually goes very early in the morning and you all get chance to go into the cockpit and see Everest as the pilot sees it. The roads are a bit bumpy but worth it for the views and the sights. You can always go back another year, Nepal has everything. Take pencils with you to give to the children as you are walking they really appreciate them and they are so lovely.

Peru - I'm not sure whether to get a poncho for the rain in the jungle area or stick to our cags & overtrousers? Advice would be welcome. Also I feel the trek to Macchu Pichu is causing me more problems as to whether wear shorts or just my zip-offs. Do we really need other shoes for the jungle and trek? Again advice would be appreciated. My hubbie doesn't really want me to carry anything - but I will, as little as possible. I've been out training with a rucksac but its the heat and humidity. 

Feel free to ask anything else and really enjoy. Sandra


We didn't see a tiger in Chitwan either. It was still lovely riding along in the silence on top of an elephant (even if it was a tad uncomfortable).  We did see a rhino and it's baby though.

 I would also say to do the Everest flight if you can - it can be over and done with by about 10-11am leaving the rest of the day to squeeze in the other bits you'd like to see.  You'll just have to visit again - I'm sure you'll want to!  Have fun.


We did see a tiger footprint on the river bed, however we were sceptical about that! Like you we enjoyed the elephant rides seeing all the rhino's lots of monkeys etc. We came face to face with a family of warthogs as we were on a walk plus lots of birds. On a jeep safari our jeep got stuck but was grat fun. The trip down the river was good looking at the carious crocodiles.  At the time we were there there was a baby elephant only 28days old - so cute.

If you get chance to do the rafting that is great fun, we spent a couple of nights at the raft camp, but the rafting was superb. As I have said there is so much to see and do. The restaurant I mentioned was called the Phewa Park/lake and the food was good.

Whilst I remember when you go to the lodges on your trek you will find they have very thick down jackets in the rooms for your use - and they are warm. Need to use when you have breakfast outside and for early rises to see the sun come up on Fishtail - Machupure.  ENJOY 



Hi everyone

Bev - am happy to meet up at Heathrow.  Let me look into the details and I will get back to you.

Sandra / Catherine  -I really appreciate your comments as previous travellers to Nepal - answering questions I had not even thought of! Like being able to borrow warm jackets from the lodges on the trek :)  Hot water bottles too - we will be spoilt!   As the Everest flight has come so highly recommended I am now seriously considering doing it.   Thanks for your recommendation about pencils for the children - a great idea and they are now on my shopping list.

I am really keen to do the rafting, however I believe a minimum of 6 is needed to make it viable, so I am hoping my fellow travellers are also keen!  Any takers?

Sandra - re Peru - are you going with Exodus? If so do you have a post under your trip?  I think it would be better for me to answer your questions there. 


Thanks, yes I do have a post under Classic Peru and we are with Exodus. I have had some questions answered already. Many thanks enjoy your trip and also everyone else. ~


I want to do the river rafting as well so yes lets hope there's enough of us. We can plan to meet when we get the details.



I am persona no 15 on this trip apparently and am so looking forward to it.

Great to read all your comments-they are making it very real now!

I live in Edinburgh and it has always been a dream of mine to see Everest and the prayer flags in kathmandu..

Roll on the 23d! Gail

I'm on the trip as well and really looking forward to it. I was in Kathmandu in December - it was the starting point for an amazing trip with Exodus to Bhutan. I loved Katmandu and knew I wanted to see it again plus much more of Nepal. It's a crazy city but great fun for exploring. I did the Everest flight and would totally recommend it.

I work in Jakarta and so will meet up with everyone in Kathmandu.



Hi Catherine/SandraB,

 I was wondering if you had any suggestions regarding spending money over in Nepal.  If I understand it correctly, we can't exchange funds until we get there and I'm assuming that access to cashpoints etc would be limited at certain points throughout the trip (perhaps I'm wrong).

 What was your experience out there.  Would you recommend exchanging a lump sump on arrival or is it easy to get hold of cash, use credit cards etc throughout the trip. 

Are there any points during the trip where we should ensure we have a suitable amount of cash on us to avoid getting caught out and missing on any parts of it etc?

Any advice/tips you have would be greatly appreciated.

Matt :)

We tended to take dollars in cash plus some TC for back up. Changing money in hotels is no problem. When you go to Pokhara there are changing places along the main front road and they all appear to have the same rate. As I'm not sure where you are going first you could exchange a few dollars at the airport, the exchange rate wasn't too bad but otherwise wait until you get to your first hotel. Make sure you have enough for trekking I can't remember being able to change at the lodges although in fairness we didn't need to. We never used a credit card but I believe in hotels you can. Dollars work wonders.

Don't forget to barter you can get some very good deals. I don't mean for the money. In Pokhara the shops do vary slightly on pricing and we found that walking along looking at first and then going back, barter I always went below half-price (I'm cruel) but never got it or expected to but certainly never ever paid the full price for anything. My husband would never do it and thought I was mean but they do expect it, even people you meet out walking.

Things are so much cheaper than home but then again there are also a lot of bad fakes. Our guide came in very useful at times.

Enjoy and I'm sure you will want to go back, after our first visit which is similar to yours but with a different country encouraged us to do this and we then went back 4 more times as there is such a variation in the country. On our 2nd visit we included Jomson and what a difference like the back of beyond. I am late 60's and wished we had found Nepal very many years ago and then we would have done the full Everest trek instead of only Ama Dablam. But then again we didn't have the time or the money. This is a good time of year to go.

Have a super time Sandra


Hi All

 Gail hits the nail on the head, reading all these entries makes the trip feel real.  ;-)  I can't wait.  Haven't even thought about packing/money/warm clothes etc.  Although I did ring the Doctors this morning to get an appointment for vaccinations and malaria pills - joy.

 Meeting up at Heathrow sounds good to me.

 A friend recommended wearing padded cycling shorts for the elephant safari - now that's a sight not to think too much about!



The final confirmation paperwork has come through, along with the luggage tag, so we must be in the final countdown - 3 weeks and counting! :)

Our flight is leaving Heathrow Terminal 4 at 2045.  I have looked at the facilities at the terminal and the restaurants (I like to eat before the flight) to choose between after security are Garfunkels or Dining Street. How about meeting in one of them from 7pm?

Really looking forward to our adventure.


Joanne that sounds a good idea I need to eat before I fly too. I have no preference as to which restaurant see what everyone else thinks.


If anyone wants to meet up at Heathrow contact me via email and we can arrange to swap numbers. Looking forward to Sunday.


[email protected]

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