highlights of northen india - dep 19/2


just wondering who elase is going on this trip?

my first time to india and very much looking forward to it. i am travelling alone ( have done this before with exodus and always met up with a great bunch of people.)

For those who may have done this trip before(esp in feb) any advice ??



Hi Sue,

My husband Ray and I will be traveling out a day earlier, and meeting up with the group on Sunday. This is also our first time to India, somewhere I have always wanted to go, but I am also a little nervous at the same time.

We have done a number of Exodus trips in the past, always a lovely bunch of people.... no pressure!

Happy New Year, and we look forward to meeting you next month.



Hi All

Think I am with you and am on my own as well so looking forward to meeting up. I am going out a on the  Wed to stay with a friend in Delhi for a couple of days. A few other people logged in a couple of weeks back.

Can't quite decide how warm it will be but got to better than here.

See you on the Sunday



Hi Fiona, 

As far as we can gather, there are 2 trips going within a few days of each other! We are due to have our first day with the group on Sunday... is that you? I was unsure on the other thread, and thought they were meeting earlier!

 Look forward to meeting you if you're with us. I haven't even started to think about clothing yet! 



We are flying out on Saturday and so will be arriving Sunday. Also first timers - have just bought the pro-biotics!!. Anyone else taking malaria tablets? - can't seem to get any sense out of the nurses at our surgery - they have told us to take the strongest antibiotics for 1 month - usually reserved for resistant bugs but on line advice seems to suggest we don't need to take anything!

looking forward to it - getting close now!!

ps everyone got their visas yet - it was a nightmare getting the correct size photos so if you havn't you need to get onwith it soon as they won't accept normal passport size ones.

Lisa and Lance


Got visa sorted fairly easily just sent a photo at the correct size printed on my home computer and there were no questions but was going to ask what everyone else was doing about Malaria. Have got an appointment with my health centre in a couple of weeks but would like to know what I need before I go as I'm not sure they will. On the NHS map of India our area looks low risk but mossies usually like me!

Woudl be good to hear what others have been recommended



I applied for my visa back at the end of November and was issued one that would have expired while we were still in India!!  Luckily, I now have a new visa which will cover the whole trip.  Saw the travel nurse on Saturday last and she said "no" to malaria tablets.

 See you all in Delhi.



Lisa,  you mention having bought probiotics.  Could you tell us what you've got?  Clearly we are all a bit conscious of 'Delhi Belly' and we are keen to do all we can to avoid it.




my local health food shop recommended TRAVLA which are deigned for travel - so high concentration of guts bugs one a day , taken for just the length of time you are away. They are suitable for vegetarians and don't need to be kept in the fridge.

People have also told me not to eat meat and to take lots of perfume free wet wipes to wipe all the cutlery before eating - sounds a bit extreme but worth considering. Both my local surgery and my sister who is a GP told me to take some kind of malarial prevention as mozzies don't read maps!! but still not sure what to do yet - I always get bitten and wouldn't want to do a cheryl cole.....



Thanks for that info Sue will see what my health centre suggest this week. Have stocked up on the Travla today assistant in the shop rated it highly. Can't wait to get there now.


Hi Everyone

I am also on this trip leaving on 19th February, my first time  to India and also first time travelling with Exodus.   Having received our final joining instructions this week, so really looking forward to meeting everyone in 3 weeks time.




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