Highlights of Northern India


Anyone going on this trip departing London on 17th February 2011. Would love to hear from you especially if you are a runner and are planning to try a few runs out there.



Hi Ali

I'm travelling out on the 16th to meet up with a friend living in Delhi for a couple of days then joining you all on the Sunday. Can't help with the running I'm afraid but really looking forward to meeting up and the tour



Hi Fiona

Nice to hear from you. Having looked at the itinerary again I don't think I'll have the energy for a run! I'm travelling with my sister and I can't wait for my first trip to India. Have a nice time with your friend and we'll see you on the Sunday, which just happens to be my birthday so I'm hoping there will be cake.

Have a nice Christmas, Ali.



My hubby and I are travelling out on the 17th from Heathrow.  Its our first time to India and so I'm really excited and a little nervous at the same time!   I'll be keeping an eye out at the sales for a kaftan or two!!

Looking forward to meeting you all on the tour.   In the meantime have a great Christmas & New Year :-)

Sally & Kingsley




Hi Sally and Kingsley

I'm now very excited as my India Visa arrived yesterday so it seems more real now!

Happy hunting at the sales, hope you find some good bargains.

Enjoy the festive period and see you in February.





This is our first time in India as well, really looking forward to it.  We're travelling out on the 16th, having a night in Delhi (and one on the plane), before meeting the rest of you.  Then we're staying on in Delhi for a couple more days before flying to Kathmandu and a (short and easy I hope) trek.  That's the bit I'm most nervous about, as I don't have a great deal of energy!

Alison and Dan


Hi Alison and Dan

Sounds like you're going to have a great trip and I'm sure the trek will be fine.

See you in 4 weeks!



Hi all

Suddenly this trip is very near... I am flying from Heathrow on THursday 17th... is anyone else travelling from Heathrow on that day? As I am travelling alone I thought it maybe nice to find fellow travellers before we get to Delhi?

I will actually be starting my journey in Manchester.... so I am not that familliar with Heathrow airport but I am open to suggestions???

See you next week




Hi Avril,

I am going from Manchester too but I am not as familiar with Heathrow as it’s been a while since I last used the airport so not much use to you there. I will bring my exodus travel tag so I should stick out like a saw thumb and be noticeable, if not I will be duty free sampling the smelly stuff. We might spot each other at the gate or if not when the group gets together at Delhi. 





Hi Avril and anyone who's travelling from Heathrow.

We'll also be mooching around duty free.  I'll be carrying a khaki green rucksack and my hubby is very tall.   Feel free to grab us if you see us.  Failing that we might spot you at the gate.

See you tomorrow.

Sally & Kingsley


Hi Simon

As we are flying from Manchester I assume you will be on the 16:40 BMI flight... so maybe see you there?

 Sally and Kingsley

I have a very short spiky white hair a black/grey ruscksack.. which appears to be putting weight on each time I look at it...!! and of course I will be LOST!!!

See you tomorrow



Hi we are also going from Manchester today but are on the 12.55 flight to Heathrow.

Will look out for you all at Heathrow later. I've got an orange stripey bag!


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