Highlights of Northern India

Hi, Just wondering if anyone else is booked for the 4th Oct 2012 Highlights of Northern India?

I'm booked on this trip, my names Ian & i look forward to meeting you.

hi,  neil and gill from sheffield . if this trip is half as good as walking the great wall last year 

were in for some fun !!! see you in october 


Hi Ian, Neil and Gill. Good to see there's more people on this trip. This will be my first trip to India, so it goes without saying - I'm very excited and can't wait! I've booked my flights separate, so I might not meet you all in UK, but hopefully I can meet you all in Delhi.

Hi everyone, Mark from Huddersfield here, just thought I'd say hello to you all. Looks like you're going to have to put up with me too.

I cannot wait to go. Culture, food..... sweating, its going to be amazing.


Hiya, I'm on this trip too - my name is Naomi, i'm from Dorset. I went on the Great Wall trip back in 2010 Neil and Gill :)

Only 3 weeks to go & just received my travel documents, i'm flying out a day early & staying a night in the hotel were picked up from the following morning.

If anyone else has booked the same or similar, then a pre tour drink could be on the cards!!!


I'm on this trip too - sooo excited already! Looking forward to meeting you all. I'll be on the Heathrow flight flying out on the 4th, so maybe see some of you at the airport :-)



Not very long indeed! Is anyone else flying BA on the 4th? Can't wait to meet you all :)


Hiya, I'm also on the group flight flying out on the 4th - maybe we should all wear name badges at the airport so we can spot each other! lol. Anyone have any ideas what the weather is like out there at the mo?


I'm on the Jet Airways flight leaving Heathrow at 20:45 on the 4th so if anyone is on the same flight or will be in Heathrow then waiting for another flight, let me know. We can start the trip with a glass of wine (purely to assist us in sleeping through the overnight flight of course!).


Hi Linda, yep, that's the one I'm on :) A glass of pre flight wine (or two) sounds like a cracking idea

hi all

the wine  sounds like a good idea count us in !! the pub is on the secoud floor in treminal 4 at a guess :)

the weather at lunch time today in delhi was 35 and sun sun sun

see you at the airport  

neil / gill 

Pre-flight drinks? That's the law isn't it? I'm also on the Jet Airways flight so I'll be in the bar waiting for you all. We're all wearing pink carnations aren't we to spot each other?


How about meeting at the Bridge Bar and Eating House? Apparently its in Terminal 4, after security (according to the website anyway!).

What time is everyone planning to get there?

 Not sure how we will recognise each other though - any suggestions? Maybe Mark can wear the pink carnation and we can all find him..... ;-)!


PS: 3 days to go - yippeee!

To be honest I'm not sure I'd recognise a carnation if it hit me in the face, I don't have green fingers at all. The Bridge bar is fine by me, I'm flying down from Manchester and should be there shortly after 5pm assuming I can find my way from T1.

Don't worry about recognising me I've been a mobile meeting point for many years, look for a 6'4" guy with a shaved head who looks like he won't fit into most Indian hotel beds, that'll be me.


hi all

bridge bar is fine by us . all being well we should be there around 5pm

i'm 6' 1" with a shaved head so worry's about recognising me either !!

see you soon 

neil / gill 


I'll have to check my coaches - i'm there between 5 and 6 i think. I'm 4 ft11 with long dark hair, so you six footers will probably completely miss me haha.  Can't wait to meet you all :)


Great one, I'm 5'10''  with blonde shoulder length hair. I'll probably be carrying the exodus trip notes and have a worried expression on my face after realising I've forgotten to pack something essential!

See you tomorrow!



Are you guys all swapping over english money at Delhi airport?

From what I have read on the reviews from previous groups, at least one or two of the group leaders has helped them sort money exchanges at the first hotel as it's a better rate (or something).  We're in India the day before though so will have to sort outselves out before then.


Do you know if we're getting picked up from the airport by organised transfers? I'm sure it says in the trip notes somewhere, but bugger me if I can find it.


I was planning on changing english money at Dehli airport but if the goup leaders have other suggestions, I'm happy to follow their advice.

Apparently we will be met at the airport by the group leaders carrying Exodus cards. Not sure where I read that though!


I had kind of assumed that would be the case, I too am going to go with the flow with money and see what others are doing and what's suggested to us.

Tanknight - Sorry to hear that. We'll raise a glass for you.

Moneywise, I'm hedging my bets a bit. I've got a few travellers cheques, some cash and a card. The group leaders generally know about these things so I'm happy to go along with that. I read on lonely planet that a few banks won't accept cash only travellers cheques. I'm guessing this refers to banks out of the way off the beaten track. The banks in the tourist areas should be ok.

As long as the guide doesn't say "I know a man, he's a friend of mine, he has a very good rate, come with me"!!



Hi, Does anyone have a version of the final joining instructions? I don't appear to have them and only just realised I should.. If you could email them to [email protected] that would be fab!!!


Hi Naomi, I've emailed them to you....hope thats what you were looking for :-)

hi naomi


 joining instructions have your e-ticket number on for check in at the airport . so thay may be personal to your booking ? if i were you i would email exados and get them to re-email them to you in the morning

just a thoght .  dont want you to miss the flight !

see ya soon



Thanks all - found it in an unexpected email account lol! Hey - is anyone taking a sleeping bag or mosquito net?

I don't own either so I'll be going without.

I've just checked in online seat 42C so you can either find me or avoid me!!



I'm not taking a sleeping bag or mozzie net but I am taking a sleeping bag liner. Someone on another forum suggested bringing one or an old duvet cover as bedding on the train varies a lot!

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