Highlights of Northern India - 3rd November departure

Hi, I've just booked this trip which will be my first with Exodus, first time in India and first time travelling on my own, so though I'd get the forum started to find out if there are any more of you out there yet! Suzanne


Hi Suzanne, I've just recently booked the trip to India, so thought I'd say hi to you. Claire 


Hi you two i am going on the trip to, Its my third time with Exodus now but the first time doing the solo trip.  I normaly go with a friend of mine but he could not make it for this trip.  Neil


Hi Neil,

Thanks for your message. It must be good as it's your third trip. Looking forward to November! Claire 

Hi Claire, Hi Neil

I haven't checked on here for a while, so apologies for the slow reply! Glad to see that there are at least another couple of people on the trip now - for a while there I thought I might be going on my own, but I think it's just because I booked it ages ago!

Look forward to meeting you both in November! 



Hi I'm Margaret, my son Luke and I will be joining you on the trip. We booked in December and it seemed ages away, but here we are making final preparaions. Looking forward to meeting you all.    


Hi, my name is Sue.

I went to Vietnam with Exodus last year and it was amazing so have huge expectations for Indiia!!  When I went to Vietnam it was my first holiday on my own (ever) and there was only one other single person - and seven couples so thought I would try a solo group.  I have my visa all sorted now - just need to do a bit of research on what to pack (imodium etc etc) and am thinking I may go vegetarian for the ten days.  Looking forward to meeting everyone - not long now.  Sue



Hello All

I'm Rachel - myself and my friend Louise will be joining you on what we hope will be a fantastic adventure! I'm excited but full of trepidation too!


I am driving up from Devon so will probably arrive three hours before so will look out for you
Sue x

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