highlights of northern India

Anyone else on this trip?


Hi, I also booked on this trip departing Heathrow Thursday 28th March 2013.  We are two Kiwi's living in UK... I live in Warrington Cheshire and my friend Laura lives in London.

It is our first visit to India, and first trip with Exodus.  Can't wait!

Are you departing UK on the 28th or meeting the tour in Delhi?  I am flying Manchester to Heathrow arriving 4pm on the Thu 28th. 

Look forward to hearing from you.




Hi Kiwis..just back from India trip..It is a fantastic experience..Be warned...extremely tiring with all early rises and 2 train trips o/nite.Hope you get Raj as guide..absolute wonder..take a heap of imodium and rehydrating powder..may need it..we saw 2 tigers so keep your arms inside the truck..The Taj is simply magnificent..ENJOY people!!...2 aussies


Hi Aussies. Glad you had a good trip and thanks for the tips!  We will pack plenty of immodium and rehydrating powder. Have heard it is full on and tiring but at least we know in advance and are prepared for it.  Couple of questions that will really help us... did you have any problems with mosquitos? wondering whether to take a light sleeping bag, or if a silk liner is better (and lighter) for the o/nite train? and what clothes to take???  Also will a light fleece be enough for the early mornings or a warm coat as well?  Don't want to pack a load of surplus gear! Many thanks :-)


Thanks for advice Kiwis and Aussies. Good to know that we'll need to stock up on Immodium etc!   Sounds a tiring but unforgettable trip so we thought we'd relax for a week in Keral afterwards.  Hope that's a good decision.  Glenda -  Have just bought a cheap micro fleece from M&S  which I thought I'd wear for the journey.  Some friends who've been on the train to Varanasi recommended a silk liner is all we need and they're doing good deals at Kathmandu (Spitalfields branch) at the moment. Look forward to seeing you all. Carol and Mike  Jones

I have travelled on Indian trains a few times and I believe we are booked on 2 tier a/c and if that is the case we will be provided with blankets. They are clean enough but you are best sleeping clothed. In the past I have bought a Tibetan blanket while in Delhi and used that if needed. They are light, warm and make a good reminder of your visit. Got loads at home as we always buy another one. You must try the tomato soup from the wallah, it is nice and spicy and the chai is normally OK as well. The food on the trains is very spicy, you have been warned. Another tip is that the carriages have a European toilet on one end and an Indian toilet on the other sometimes so check if you are that way inclined.


Thanks for all your helpful tips and looking forward to meeting you all on the 28th (or 29th in Delhi). Hopefully we might spot eachother at the airport with our Exodus luggage labels! :-)

Looks like temps are mid-late 30's so should be lovely and warm.   Tibetan blanket sound nice Paul... I'm looking forward to the shopping.  Will avoid the spicy tomato soup on the train!

A week in Kerala sounds perfect for relaxing after a tiring trip.  Think I need a week there now after battling with the Indian Visa process!  I will take a look at Kathmandu online for a silk liner.

Have just bought some Mosquito Milk - its supposed to be really good.  Need to buy some malaria tablets to be on the safe side... any recommnedations?  Glenda



I would suggest getting mosquito repellent in India as it is widely available and alot cheaper, odimos is one we use when out there. 

 Carol where in Kerala are you going as we have been there a few times? Is it Kovolam or Cochin?



Good to hear that there will be at least one European style toilet  on the train, Dubber 68!  After the Highlights Tour we're going to Cochin area for about a week and will be staying on a rice boat ( around Alleppey) and will be in Kumarakom for some of the time.  Really looking forward to that - especially as we shall be joined by one of our daughters who spent a year travelling around India in 2011!

Carol Jones


Its lovely that six of us have linked up... where are the other seven? ;-)

Carol jj

I would recommend getting some anti-bedbug sheets as when we did the house boat we got bit to death by bedbugs. Never travel without them now. They pack firm to smaller than your first. Alternatively get a sarong and treat it with insect repellent, not as good but helps. 


Are there 13 booked then, I haven't looked. We will have to see if we can spot each other in the airport. 



Thanks for the advice about the bedbug stuff.  I'll get some next week.    Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Carol Jones


Thanks Paul for the bedbug warning.

Whilst waiting four hours at the India Visa office during the week (just to drop off passport!) got talking to a few ladies who recommend taking own pillow on the train to avoid lice! 

Tour size is maximum of 16 and with available 2 spaces left I'm assuming there are now 14 on our trip. 


Still waiting for my visa... they lost my passport and application for 9 days.  Fingers crossed it will get here by Wednesday.


That's really awful, Glenda.  What are they playing at?  Hope that they get it to you in time.  I guess it may entail a trip to the High Commission if nothing happens by Tues.  Good luck!  C


4 more sleeps!!  Can't wait :-)  Visa now at High Commission being processed urgently. Lets hope the forecasted snow on Thursday won't affect our flight.

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