Historic Andalucia 12th November

Anyone going?


Hi fellow travellers to Andalucia

 First of all to mmjones, yes I am going.

Secondly, I posted a query two weeks ago which seems to have disappeared.  I asked if anyone was booking for the Alhambra.  It seems we need to do this in advance as it is not part of the Exodus itinerary and tickets cannot be bought on the day.   I am not keen to spend the day doing this alone and maybe the alternative suggestions in the Trip Notes would be better but if others are going the Alhambra is probably very worth seeing and I would go.  So, any responses???




We've already booked our Alhambra tickets on line and would be happy for your company there on our free day (16th). Look forward to meeting you.

Maxine & Ian


Hi To Maxine and Ian 

good to hear from you and likewise looking forward to meeting up with you on the 12th.  I will book for the Alhambra and assume you followed the guidance in the itinerary and booked a morning ticket.    Sandy


Yes, we booked Alhambra as per the itinerary guidance. See you on Saturday :)

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