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i know it's 2 months away but I can't wait for the trip, hopefully we get the last of an indian summer.

Hello - was just reading the trip notes!  We booked this ages ago - really must get out on my bike before we go.  Are you a mountain biker?  I am more road, but Roger (hubby) is more into mtnbiking, am scared!  Where are you coming from?  Are you close to Stansted - we are from Somerset.


I'm from Dublin. I can't get a direct flight so I'll be connecting at Stansted. I'm by no means a mtbiker! I'm dabble a bit in everything (ie run, swim, cycle, football etc) but I find mtk is the best way to see a country so generally if I'm doing a cycle holiday I opt for this kind of thing. My name is Leo by the way. The trip looks really interesting, I can't wait to get going.

Hi Leo, funny re the above!!  We will be the Irish contingent!  Yes the countdown begins, am trying to get out on the bike this week so we shall see.  See you soon Linda


when you said somerset I was thinking farmers. sounds good though.


am excited for the trip. Signed up for it a few weeks ago.

look forward to meeting everyone .


Hi Brian you look by your profile pic quite accomplished - Whereas I'll be the one at the back!!  See you Sat!

Hi Leo this is a message from all of us ( only 5) where are you? We heard you had a problem with your passport that's such a shame.... Hopefully you will be able to re book? Let us know how you are doing - probably drowning your sorrows?


i had a very old passport and it was worse for ware so when i was checking in at Stanstead I was told it wasn't in an acceptabele state so they won't allow me to check in. I had a drivers license but unfortunately it wasn't to be...very very disapointing. It takes 3 days to get an express passport so there was no hope of me getting back out later in week. My own fault I should have just got a new one during the year.

I hope you had a good trip, what was it like, hard?

Hi Leo that was such a shame they are sticklers for formality, shame the driving licensee wasn't good enough. You missed a really great trip, however yes it was hard and I did spend a lot of time at the back, and it was pretty hilly, but the food was amazing and most of the company was good. There were only the 5 of us when you didn't arrive! The weather was also very good, coming back to this weather was not pleasant!!



Glad to here you had a worthwhile trip, that sounded great. It's a pity I didn't get to meet you and your husband--always nice to meet new people in nice places with good food and alcohol!

One consolation, if I had of made it you might have been cursing me for keeping you guys up all night!


Yes there was copious amounts of wine included with all the dinners! However we had to be mindfull of the hills the next day! But that didn't necessarily stop us. Another great trip is the Atlas Descent, take a look at that one too.

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