How challenging is the trek in Madagascar???


I've been thinking about visiting Madagascar for a while (& David Attenborough on TV has made me have a look at the trip notes!). I found the last 'Discover' trip that I did a little too quiet (Costa Rica) and would like one with more walking. Has anyone done this trip to Madagascar & good give me a good idea of how challenging the walking is?





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Hi Sarah -Unfortunately no one in the office has done this specific itinerary yet.  I am planning on doing it in April, and would be happy to discuss this trip with you in more detail on my return.  Having looked over our client feedback from the 2010 departures, the consensus seems to be that the hiking is reasonably challenging, particularly on the summit day for Pic Boby.  This day is a fairly long day of hiking (approximately 8 hrs), climbing up about 600 metres from 2050m to the summit (2658m), and then descending 1000 metres to the campsite for the night.  Madagascar can be quite hot, and clients have found the hiking, particularly on this day, quite challenging in the heat.  However, the hiking on this trip is not technical, and aside from this day, does not involve large changes in altitude.  I hope this helps.  Please let me know if you have any further questions.  Take care,Sarah - Trip Manager


Hi - Sorry Sarah, I can't answer yet, but I'm booked on the April departure and reading Sahern's message, I'll make sure to take my walking sticks with me.  I can't wait, especially since booking the holiday, I've now seen the first two episodes of "Madagascar"... whoa!


Definitely want to know how you get on in April! I might struggle a bit with the heat in July / August if the walking is quite tough - so please let me know!

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