How much to pack?

My husband and I are leaving for the Essential Peru trip on the 17th of April.  We're starting to go through our checklist of everything we'll need, and are wondering if we should bring enough clothes for every day, or if there will ever be a chance to do any laundry?  Is it safe to assume we could wash some clothes at one of the hotels?

Hi Amanda,

Although the trip is quite a busy one, there are several points in the itinerary where you would be able to do laundry. Cuzco is the most obvious place to do this, as you have two 2-night stays (days 5-7 and days 8-10), but you can also leave clothes to be laundered in Cuzco while you visit Machu Picchu (days 7-8). It should also be possible to arrange for an overnight laundry service in Puno (day 11), with the items being returned before you depart for the Colca Canyon. Your tour leader will know places where you can get laundry done to avoid paying over the odds in hotels (most laundry places will charge by the kilo, rather than per item which is usually the case in hotels), and will arrange for your items to be collected from the hotel and returned to you later. 

I hope you have a great trip to Peru next month!


Tim (Peru trip manager)


Hi Tim,

 Thank you so much for the reply, especially for providing the specifics - very helpful!  We're really looking forward to our time in Peru.

Thanks again,

Amanda C

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