How solo is solo?

So how many poeple actually travel solo and what's it like?

I will be travelling solo to Jordan in June.  I've done it 2 times before with a belgian organisation, and it was just fun.  always nice to get to know now people.  I'd really recommend it!

I've been on a few 'solo' trips now (with one later in the year booked) and really enjoy them.  There has tended to be a good mix of people travelling - couples, solos, friends, etc and you can get a good balance of time with the group and take some time out on your own if you want to. 


I've never travelled solo, but there have been single people on all of the Exodus trips I've been on, and I'm sure they all felt comfortable among groups and couples.  I find it quite fascinating to meet new people, and, even though I usually travel with a significant other, I'm confident that should I ever travel alone I'd be in very good company on an Exodus group trip.

i've traveled alone several times, in group and even absolutely alone, i enjoy it, actually you interectect more with local people traveling alone, it is really exciting and i enjoy a lot, it is nice too travel within a organised group, you have the opportunity to meet people and do not have all the work organising all the route for yourself.



Those marked 'SOLO' are to indicate that individuals rather than couples are primarily catered for. Gives someone traveling alone the confidence to book a trip confident that they won't be the only single person on the trip.

Truth is that Exodus trips are normally a mixture of couples/singles/friends/travelling companions all of who are there to be social. Never worry about travelling alne on an Exodus trip. 

On the Exodus TWU Trips Solo weeks seem very popular, but at most times you are able to book single or double as single rooms. KDM


Solo, origin Latin (solus) meaning "alone". Your never alone on an Exodus trip as many of their customers travel solo and form fantastic groups of like minded people to travel with.


hi there

going on my 7th exodus trip in 3 weeks time. have always gone as a SOLO and love it. many of my friends now are married/have kids and dont want to travel on the trips i go on. went on my first exodus trip 7 years ago and was very nervous about being on my own, but you are never on your own on an exodus trip!!

enjoy !!


Thank you for posting this. I'm going 0n my first exodus trip next month and this is good to know


I like traveling solo. Getting my car, some more discs with music, and hit the road. PRICELESS!


Guru - Just ask whatever you want to my case it is mostly yes.


Thought you might find this interesting.



Hi all - I've never travelled with Exodus before but am looking to book the Gulet Cruise next summer as a solo traveller. Has anybody out there done this and if so what can I expect? Many thanks.

 Andy S.


I have travelled alone before but had contacts in the places I went to. This Summer I am thinking of going with Exodus to Vietnam and I am just a little nervous about being the only solo in the group and as a 50 something being older than the others. Are any other older solos thinking of the Vietnam/Cambodia trip this August?

Dear Angie50,

i am 51 years old, when i travelled with exodus 3 years ago, nearly all the people were older than me, so, do not worry about being alone, for sure there will be people like you!!!

However i have to say that, people do not care to each other in this groups, i am from Spain, and i think we joint much more with our travel colleagues, and help to each other. This is the experience i had.

I hope you enjoy a lot in your trip


I have travelled twice now solo on a group tour (once with Exodus and once with Explore).  Both times were great.  The tour with Exodus was a specific 'Solo tour so all on it were travelling alone.  The trip with Explore there was a mixture of solos, couples and friends travellling.  If I am honest, I preferred the mixture of couples/singles/friends to the all solo's, whether that was down to the individuals on the 2 tours or not I don't know, but I would be more inclined to avoid the specific 'solo' tours in future.

One thing worth knowing, if you ring Exodus they will tell you the make up of the people already booked ont the trip - they won't say names (data protection) but will tell you how many couples, singles, pairs etc, their sexes and ages, which may help when booking a trip.



I'm planing my first solo holiday this year in october(13-20).  The 'Highlights of Egypt(AEQ)' trip.

I'm wondering what's like? Anyone got any advice? 

Thank you

I have travelled a couple of times on my own.I find it is best to book an activity based tour if you are on your own.However there are always people on their own and you will always have company should you wish.

The second time I did it I met a great bunch of like minded women and we are now on our 8th trip together !!

Although I have travelled with a friend with Exodus I now have to 'go solo' and have every confidence in Exodus. Solo mean you dont have anyone moaning if you are delayed at airports or having to compromise on trips.  I tried a short solo to Italy (Amalfi) last year and am going on the Greek Island trip this coming Sunday.  But I dont book the SOLO holidays as I think its better to have a mixture. I now have the confidence to book the Thai Indochina Grand Tour for November (which is a month) and I will be 69 next year!  Age is just a number - dont worry about it - just go for it - life's too short to wish you had done something. Brenda

I would completely agree with above in that travelling solo as part of a group holiday (Exodus or similar) is wonderful.  You are secure in that there is a Tour Leader to keep you right, but you also have independance.  I would agree that I wouldn't book a designated 'Solo' trip.  I did this a few years ago and whilst the group was lovely, having done a different trip where there was a mix of couples, solos and friends, that would certainly be my preference as the mix made it more interesting.


Hi is anyone going on the Turquoise Coast Walking tour on the 1st october?

Hi, I'm going on the Gorillas and Masai Mara trip in August and I'm going solo for the first time. I have been quite nervous about it as the date approaches but I feel a lot happier after reading these posts so thank you :)


I was petrified the first time I went on a trip on my own last summer, but after meeting everyone in the group in the evening my mind was put to rest.. It was so refreshing to go on your own to where you want, when you want but never really on you own really (there is always people around!) I was worried about having to go places all alone, but in the group situation we all did things together like trips, meals out etc.. (but had the option in case you preferred to be alone) Sure you will be fine!


This is the first time I wil be traveling solo with a group. I am used to travelling totally solo for the entire trip. That has some Advantages; you can do where you want, when you want and do what you want without concern for others. I have never travelled in such a large group- This trip is sold out so 18 people. I am a little concerned about that, but these posts have allayed some of my concerns.


I've been on several holidays though Exodus and others and always gone alone. All the trips were great and going on you own gives your more freedom, even within a group. And you never fail to meet an interesting bunch of people!

Ages range widely and have never been an issue. On my trip to Vietnam, a couple of the cyclists were over 70 and put the rest of us wimps to shame.

Thanks to all here for the reassurance of travelling solo.  This is my first time travelling on my own so far away from home ( Thai IndoChina Explorer AOX) so feel a little more confident having read the posts.

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