How technical is the Tanzania cycle safari (MYB)?

I really want to do this trip but am just slightly concerned about how technical the cycling will be. The fitness shouldn't be a problem and I've been on a Moderate mountain biking trip with Exodus before (the Andalucia one which doesn't exist any more) which was fine, as well as the Cycle Cuba trip this year (also no problem) but I'm wondering whether I'll be OK without too many technical skills. Any advice?


Here are some commets from Phil here at Exodus.

"There’s only one really technical bit, which is the descent to the Rift Valley on the last day of cycling. In practice I think most of the group will have had enough by that stage and will be happy sit in the vehicle – only one person tried it in my group, and we had a few hard cases. Although most of the rest of the cycling is on dirt, the tracks are quite easy. It is, however, hot most of the time, so we found it quite tiring at times. Still a brilliant trip though, I thoroughly enjoyed it and the staff are excellent. "

Another colleague, Mark described it as ‘a trip that promised more than expected...’


Thanks, that's really helpful! And I feel a bit more relieved to hear that - not worried about the heat or tiring parts. I just don't want to have to wimp out of too much cycling, but if it's only one section that's really technical then that's fine.

The above comment is spot on - I'm no expert and as someone who only started cycling in my forties shy away from anything that needs good balance and no nerves but was able to charge down this bit, as did almost all of my fellow travellers of similar age.
Assuming the itinerary is the same, I would suggest you bear in mind that it comes after the toughest terrain of the trip, an easyish 2-3 hours in good bush tracks, Wasso to Sonjo, folllowed by crossing an arid (in August anyway) semi desert by way of a rough track full of deep patches of sand and stones of about 25 km if you make it all the way (I didn't), all before a late but welcome lunch!


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