Husky Fun!

Hey - anyone out there on this trip? Just booked for me and my friend, and really looking forward to escaping the world for a week!

Hi Caroline, I'm also booked on this trip and looking forward to it, as I've never done cross country sking, snowshoeing, dogsledding, snowmobiling and ice wall climbing before, so no doubt I'll spend most of the week falling over and crashing into stationary objects...


That sounds like me - exactly the reason I booked - spent far too much time standing upright on skis and boards and missed out on the other winter activities - really looking forward to trying everything.

 I'm there with my friend Julie, who will also be game for a laugh - although this is her first time on a "cold winter" holiday. Huskies are her dream!

Looking forward to laughing outrageously at my inability to remain upright!

Hi Caroline


When it comes to skiing, the memories from my one and only venture onto the slopes, don’t include standing upright, more so skiing backwards, a tree and having to be rescued, still they say that lightning never strikes twice...


Are you and Julie flying out from Heathrow?




Ah, the first time downhill.... I think I was lucky - I learned young, but sometimes the snow gets the better of me!

Julie and I are heading in from Manchester, but we catch up with the group flight in Helsinki, so might catch you there?


Hi Caroline

Hopefully you're both set for next week.

The trip appears to be showing as full on the website, so hopefully others will make contact before we depart on Sunday.

If anyone on the group flight wants to meet up at Heathrow on Sunday morning please let me know.


Hi Steve, Nearly there with all the essentials - a little trip to the outdoor shop and I'm done; Julie is all ready, and packed - no stopping her! We'll be meeting the Heathrow flight in Helsinki I believe, so hopefully catch up with you there for the final flight.

Can't wait! See you (and everyone else) there!


I did not do this trip, went on the Finnish activities week and had a great time. Got talking to someone that had and they said it was great. A great thing to take(which i did not) are some feet warmers, you can buy them from the Pound Shop £1 for two and they last 8 hours. The only person on our trip who had them had warm feet...the rest of us had cold feet, we were so envious.

Have a great trip.



Hi everyone,

See you tomorrow! I am also joining the trip - I haven't packed yet and still got some shopping to do so I have lots to do today. Thanks for the tip about the warm feet! I'm joining at Kuusamo airport although I think I am on the same flight as everyone else from Helsinki.

Can't wait! Good luck with the final preparations,


Indeed a great tip - went to the shop and almost cleared them out of the warmers for toes and hands! Also remembered another trick, something I wished I'd known before heading up the Inca trail, is the Sigg hot water bottle! If you've got an aluminium bottle, it doubles up! Toastie!

Just finished packing - last minute as always, have far too much, but in this case, I'll be happier with more to keep me warm!  

Also joining in Kuusamo, but I think we might all be on the same flight up from Helsinki. Perhaps see you there? I'll be wandering around in jeans, probably a brown hooded top, and more than likely carrying my bubble jacket, come say hi! Will also be with Julie, a teeny tiny blonde, who'll no doubt be wondering what I talked her into! :)

Really looking forward to it, 





Hi Caroline,
I'm glad you've got a big bag too! I was looking at some of the reviews that said they travelled with hand luggage only and I thought - what!?
I'll look out for the two of you in Helsinki. I'm wearing black trousers and a ridiculously huge red puffer jacket.
I'm going to be looking for feet warmers at the airport. Remember your sunglasses - I almost forgot mine!
See you,

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