I know it's Solo, but is it just Me?


Looking to touch base with anyone going on this trip departing 31st October.  Think it's fully booked now but there's no post on this site full of excited people looking to share insight or ask Q's, so i've kicked one off :-D

First Cuban, Cycling and Solo holiday for me so it's a triple whammy of newness. 

So who else is in?



Hi Andy, I just booked this today, first time in Cuba for me too, can't wait to escape to somewhere warm.

Done a few biking trips with Exodus and keep coming back for more punishment... great reviews on this trip - should be a blast.


Hey Matt!

Well that means there are at least 4 of us on this trip as an 'unknown' male and female were already booked when I signed up back in April.

First cycle trip for me.  Have baulked at the list of things i need to take to survive the trip but i'm sure most of it's precautionary.  Would welcome any must have's and don't bothers from your experience.

Guess i need to spend more time on my bike now as the trip's looming fast!


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