I love Persia in the fall.

Right then. I'm all booked up for this one. So who is coming with me?

It'll be my second Exodus trip though I haven't been on my first one yet.

Looking forward to meeting you all but perhaps having a natter on here first.

Terry :-)

Well I was 'confirmed' yesterday so I can't be going on my own.

Anybody out there?

Aw come on now, it's only six months on Saturday so someone must be getting excited.

I'm going to keep nattering and nattering until I get a reply.

I don't care how long I have to wait. It's your time you're wasting you know.


Three weeks on Friday!!!

So if someone doesn't reply to tell me that they're as excited as I am, I'm going to throw a two year old style tantrum and refuse to get up off the floor until I'm satisfied that I'm not travelling to Iran alone.



Last call for Isfahan.

Have a great holiday!  



Ah thanks Aileen. You know me . . . I'll do my best.

My heart rushed a bit when I saw someone else had posted on here. I thought for a minute that I wasn't a sad old lonely old saddo.

I'm rather hoping that everyone from our Cuba trip will turn up at the airport on Friday. What a surprise that would be. Tempted?



I'd love to go but I think my work would be a wee bit pissed off.  Bit more difficult on the Mojito side too.  You could always come to Ethiopia next month?!



Shhhhhhh Aileen . . . you're not allowed to say 'piss' on the Exodus site. It's all posh you know!

I'd love to join you in Ethiopia next month. I've heard it's really good. In fact, when I booked the Iran trip it was a big toss up between the two but, as I'm a devout Methodist, Iran won with its alcohol ban. 

Ah well, I hope you have a brilliant time and bring back some lovely photos.



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