I'm all excited...

This looks like a great trip. I've been to Ladakh before - 25 years ago - and thoroughly enjoyed it then - but this is unusual in being point to point rather than round trip. I remember good walking weather with cold nights.  Flying straight into Leh we'll need the acclimatisation days, though. Will be getting prepared on the local mountains near me, as I'm told there could be opportunity to go higher than the passes.

Didn't know whether to post in the July or August pages, but reckon this is probably more appropriate.


I've just moved onto this departure date since the later trip has been cancelled.  Now very excited again about going on this trek!  Will need to get fit but at least there's enough time left.  Made a good start over Easter in all the lovely weather but will need to try and maintain some of it while working.

Not so long now! Managed two Munro days last week, but the weather isn't helping - it's only a fortnight since I was in snowfall on the top of Mayar. I've been poring over the maps, and looking again at my old ladakh photos. It's going to be great  - and judging by the Google Earth images a real experience.



i wish everyone a great trip and look forward to some photos. unfortunately i broke my collar bone about two weeks ago and needed an operation. the consultant advised that it's too soon for me to go trekking so i'm pretty disappointed that i've had to cancel. i guess there's always next year... have fun on your trek!


hi I am Valerie, your leader. I will be meeting you in Delhi or Leh as I am leading a Stok Kangri trek beforehand. Any queries just ask. I led the trek last year and its one of my all time favourites already. Long and hard but amazing. See you all soon


Hello Valerie and Bill,

Very pleased to meet you, and looking forward to seeing you in Delhi.  I'm going over on a separate flight so will meet you in the hotel when you do the initial briefing.

Bill, I was interested in your comment about maps.  Which maps are you poring over?  I've got the Olizan Centre and South ones, which give a great overview, but only of part of the trek.   Have you identified/found others which cover the whole thing?

Ingrid, I'm sorry to hear about your broken collar bone.  What a pity.  Hope you get better soon!



Hi all

Less than a week to go; can't wait!  Looking forward to meeting you all and having a look at whatever maps you've got hold of - the trek sounds amazing and I'm pleased to hear that it's amongst Valarie's favourites.  I'm travelling on the group flight so will be on the look out for other members of our group.

I'm really sorry that Ingrid can't come, particularly as it was her infectious enthusiasm that led me to sign up for the trip.

See you next weekend, Lou


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