I'm looking forward to another cycling adventure

I can't wait to go on this holiday and travel Sri Lanka the best way possible, by bike.

Previously I've done the Kerala and Tropical India trip which was superb and the Cycling Cuba trip which was great but had too many bus transfers for my liking. This trip looks like it should suit my tastes.

Now there's just the matter of getting some practice in on my bike. 


We are also looking forward to this ride, luckily we've had great weather here this winter so have had lots of good riding.
We've done a lot of travel and plenty of riding here but never done a trip like this so have a few queries for the more experienced like you Nic (if that's OK).

Allan, Hopefully my email arrived. Feel free to ask any questions you want, I'd be happy to answer. I might not be the quickest off the mark though as we're about to head off on a 6 week European tour in our campervan. I'll be getting my cycling practice in on the way though.   

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