I'm on this trip, are you?


I'm a solo traveller going on this trip.  If you are going too then why not make yourself known.





I am also a solo traveller going on this trip! I am living in Istanbul at the moment but can't wait to head off on the Epic Asian Adventure in Oct. I was a bit worried that I would be the only solo on this trip. Have you been on a cycle tour before?  



Ian, Bryony

 I'm also a solo traveller on this trip.  Looking forward to it but need to get on the bike a bit more between now and October!


I guess it would help if i left my name - lol.


anyone from Andover on this trip?  Think gym and peddling.




Myself and Bob are on this too.  we are friends but he usually leaves me to cycle on my own as he likes to go faster than I do.  We are in our 50's so will be the oldies in the group. 


Hello.  I thought I'd introduce myself too.  I'm Hilary - another solo traveller. I haven't been on a cycling holiday before and am a relatively novice cyclist so feeling a little nervous, but I'm trying to get in some practice between now and October!  Look forward to meeting you all. Hilary 


Hello everyone,

We are also going on this trip - Kate and Phil, from West Sussex, UK.

 Looking forward to it and meetig you all!



The trip notes say that the Cambodia visa can be obtained on arrival at the border.  I'm planning to do this, just wondered if anyone else is?



Hi Ian - yes me and bob are planning to get it at the border too.  We have obtained the vietnam one.  By the way which malaria tablets are you going to take?




I've gone for malarone on the basis that I have to take fewer pills after the trip, and am therefore less likely to forget to take them

Hi All

Hubby, Grant, and I are very excited about this trip.  We have done a fair bit of cycling this year and will definitely be wearing our padded lycra as we find it hard to get on a bike without them!  My worry is what the locals will think?  I wouldn't like to offend!

We haven't thought about taking malaria tablets.  Is that fool hardy? We will just smell of deet all the time and hope for the best!

Looking forward to meeting you all

Best regards



Now 13 of us registered on compass cafe which is good. Bob and I are on the group flight saturday. We are staying over night on Friday night in london at a hotel. Would def recomend malaria tablets - A guy in the office used to live in singapore and went to thailand and cambodia often and said yes - you must get them. See you all soon
Janet and Bob

Hi again
Well I started this thread and thought I would get email notifications if anyone else posted, but I didn't get any, so apologies for not responding before now.

Malarone for me but not bothering with a Cambodian Visa - OK Steve McQueen had a motorbike but but I can peddle pretty quick when I need to . . .

I'm staying at the Royal Benja in Bangkok on the 9th ie the night before the holiday officially starts. Anybody else doing that? Would be good to meet up then.


Hi Ian
Grant and I are on the flight from Heathrow to Bangkok arriving Saturday 9th and staying at Royal Benja on 9th night so definitely lets meet up.

We plan to drop our gear of at the hotel and leg into old part of town using public transport to see the main sites there, some of which close at 3.30pm. We will probably eat in Chinatown and head back to the hotel for a nightcap but not sure what time.

Hopefully we will see you at some point.

Looking forward to it!


Hi Helen
I arrive Bangkok airport 07:45 on the 9th - I'm assuming that's local time but I will check. Sounds like you know more about Bangkok than I do! I'd love to tag along with you if you don't mind and assuming we can manage to meet up. Hopefully the reception desk will be willing to pass a message ?
How are getting from the airport to the hotel?

The Royal Benja hotel is at the end of the soi (road) that leads down from Nana BTS (skytrain) station, so those of you arriving on the 9th will find it easy to explore independently. A day pass for the BTS, which runs until midnight (and is easily the quickest way to get around) is 120 baht.
There's also plenty on your doorstep if you don't feel like venturing too far (lots of good street food, Gullivers pub, lots of little stalls and shops).

Have fun!


Should I have had an e-ticket from Malaysia airlines, as I haven't received anything yet?


Andy - I tried to go on Malaysian airlines to find it - but if you are on a group flight you can't get it - you have to give the locator on your final joining instructions - I did query this with Exodus staff


Thanks Janet.

I checked today and it seems passport and reference number is sufficient.

Hi Ian
Sorry I haven't been absent for a few days. Just moved house so a bit distracted (and tired!). Looking forward now to the trip.
We arrive at Bangkok Airport at 10.15am local time and Exodus have organised a driver for us to take us to the hotel.
We are hoping a) we arrive on time; b) it is an easy run through passport and customs etc. and c) the traffic isn't too bad to the airport; in which case we should be there about midday. I am assuming from what you say you will be there before us.
Please leave us a message (we are Grant and Helen Ritchie) and we would be v happy to meet up and explore together.
Have a safe flight and see you in Bangkok.

That's great, I 'll leave a message on reception. In case that doesn't work you could ask reception to contact me - I'm Ian Reid. Fingers crossed we all have smooth flights.
PS My 7:45 arrival time is local time

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