Imperial china and Yangtze cruise

Any one else booked on this amazing trip? Really excited about this trip but also a bit apprehensive as it's going to be such a full on trip .

Not sure about what jabs esp. If I need malaria tabs? Welcome advice
Looking forward to meeting fellow travellers .



Are you booked on the 11th April trip?

I have had DTP,Hep A,Tyhoid and Hep B booster.
Iv decided not to take Malaria tablets.
I think packing is going to be a challenge!
Looking forward to experiancing China!


Hi there, I'm booked to go on the trip 11th April. Just over a week to go and I'm getting really excited about the trip. I looked at some images from the internet of where we are going and the hotels we are staying in and it looks awesome. Like Rachel, I have had the same jabs. I too asked advice about malaria but decided against taking tablets because we do not appear to be entering a high-risk area. I would speak to your GP, they can give you the best advice on what jabs you need. We have just had a message from Charlotte Taylor from Exodus who may also be able to give you more information. I'm flying from Manchester via Heathrow with British Airways so I will look forward to seeing you all in Beijing on Saturday. Best wishes, Ian.

I think I am on another trip to you two as I fly out on the 18th, what trip are you on ? Mine is the imperial china and Yangtze cruise (20 days) . Hope you have a great trip anyway might see around somewhere.

Regards Rosanne

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