Imperial China and the Yangtze River

Just returned from China.  Great trip, highly recommended.  Our trip leader, "Dragon" was fantastic!  I had the misfortunate of falling on some sllippery tile while in Yangshuo, resulting in the fractures of several ribs, and yet would do this trip again in a New York minute.  Thirteen on our trip, 8 from Merry Old England, one transplanted Englishman now living in France, two from down under in Australia, one from Canada and yours truly from the US.  We all got along like old school chums and complimented each other in many aspects.  We all agreed that this was one of our better experiences with tours, made more so by Dragon's input and leadership.  Lots of walking, lots of climbing and steps where you didn't think they could put anymore steps.  If you get the chance, take this trip.....




I wanted to make a few comments about the treatment that I received at the People's Hospital of Yangshuo.  After I fell, I went back to the hotel and fell asleep for an hour or so.  When I awoke, it was all that I could do to get out of bed, and even then I was in horrible pain, shaking from head to foot and barely able to stand.  An ambulance was summoned, which took me to the hospital.  Upon arrival, I was seen by 6 doctos, given an ultrasound, a CT Scan, several X-rays, received two different Chinese medicines (Yunnan Baiyao External Analgesic Aerosol and Shangkejiegupian pills to help the bones mend.  While I initially scoffed at the medications, well, folks, I have to tell you that I am two weeks post fall and healing much faster than either I or my doctor ever dreamed possible.  Oh, and I was in the hospital a total of 1 hour, and the bill was 1530 CNY, or about $253.00, half of which was for the medicine.  The hospital was old and looked like it was from the 50's, but the treatment was right on target.  And Dragon was with me every step of the way to make sure that I was treated correctly.  

I have a trip scheduled for September, to Morocco, but on doctor's orders, I have canceled it and will wait until my ribs heal so that I know I can do the trip comfortably.  Four broken ribs are a little painful, trust me on that one.  Still, two weeks after my fall, I am walking and talking and managing just fine.  

Exodus is definitely my tour company of choice!! 



Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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