Imperial China Anyone?

Anyone off on this trip? If my previous Exodus trip is anything to go by, this will be pretty amazing!



I am also booked on this trip. Just confirmed tonight and booked my flights. Can't wait - looks great!


Great stuff - I'm flying in via Dubai, so should be with the London flights a few hours later than most people. Can't wait - and thankfully not long to go!


I am flying via Paris and should arrive the day before the trip starts in Beijing.

Sounds great - at least you'll have ahead start with the jet lag! Look forward to meeting you there- not long to go!


Just wondering if anyone out there is joining us? The trip is now fully booked. Just back from holiday so will have to start thinking about getting a visa.


Just 4 weeks and we will be on holiday!


Just thought I would drop an Nihao to anybody going on this trip.
It seems more real since I have received my Visa last Friday I will be on the group flight.

It's my first trip with Exodus and looking forward to this I need a break

All I need to do now is get currency and learn how to use chopsticks :)


Glad someone else needs to learn how to use chopsticks! My visa has also just arrived - getting exciting now. Have received the final joining instructions complete with chinese symbols to show to a taxi driver to hopefully get to the start hotel - or I hope that is what is says! See you all soon.

Hmmmm... I htink I might pack a sneaky fork in my bag! I have tried to learn, but it takes so much effort, and kinda gets messy with soup type meals!

Visa all ready to go - just the random currency to sort now!

Counting down the days to my second Exodus trip, and I don't think it will be my last!

Will be taxi-ing to the hotel on arrival - so enjoy the long flight guys!


I like the idea of a sneaky fork! I also find chopsticks take a lot of effort and think I better avoid wearing white whilst eating! Maybe we will learn how to use them properly.
I am sure we will all be professional chopstick users by the time we return - if not we will be very hungry and a lot lighter.
Not long to go now and so much to do before then - including some chopstick practice! Really looking forward to a holiday now. See you soon


Yes you are right! It is me - I still cannot believe it! I never thought this sort of thing happened to real people! Looking at going in September, I think. Just need to book it. Will need to ask you all about it. Now not sure what I am more excited about - China or Peru.
I am impressed you have managed to upload a picture. Will have to try and see what I can do.
Getting closer now, still nowhere near the thought of packing. Just wondering what I still need?

OMG, great news!!! It must happen to REAL people then - I know exactly what you mean!!!!

I absolutely loved Peru, but different places mean different things to people - I can show you loads of photos and tell you crazy stories...but I had an absolutely amazing time! I hope you get Holga as your guide - he is the man!!

I can only imagine China will be the same! Full of surprises and adventures... as for packing - I am going to try travelling light - plenty of room for random things to bring back! Getting very excited now :)


Well done on your Peru win Katie it's a place I would like to go myself in the future it's just a case of when. I'm wondering now why I haven't entered any of these competitions myself must start trying more.

Getting back to the China trip I'm expecting to loose weight while on the trip (detox and a holiday all in one can't be bad) as I'm not even a big fan of chinese food so eating times will be fun.

I don't know about you guys but when I'm about to do a big trip it never sinks in until I either get there or when I get home and get a chance to digest what I have just experienced. I get more apprehensive than excited beforehand.

Sorry I haven't put a picture of myself you will have to make do with the silhouette for now but then I have recently had my hair cut and it does resemble the silhoutte ie not much of it.

It would be nice to hear from others going on this trip? At present seems like it's just the three of us.

Hey - not even sure what real chinese food will be like - however, I have eaten random things (especially in Peru), so I am wondering whether it is good to ask what it is, or just go with the flow! At least I know that the beer is ok!

Must be the season for haircuts - off myself on Saturday - hopefully it will be slightly tamed for 3 weeks on the move - doubt it!

It would be good to hear from anyone else out there - but I get excited about the anticipation! Have to admit, I am now beginning to bounce with excitement - but that could be because it has been far too long since my last day off work!!! Just over a week to go - yippee!


I too can't wait for a day off work. Far too many late nights this week. Not long in tonight and I have no idea how I will get everything done before I go away. I may end up travelling very light if I don't have time to pack!
I am off for some chopstick practice tomorrow night out for Chinese with friends. I am sure it will be very different to real Chinese food. I have heard very mixed reviews about the food in China. All part of the experience though I think. Probably best sometimes not to know what you are eating.
Glen I hope you learn to enjoy Chinese food or you may be very hungry. I think no one else is owning up to joining us....we will find out who they are soon!


Nearly packed and ready to go. I leave at some silly time in the middle of the night.
See you all in Beijing!

Me too - almost there with the packing! Nearly forgot the fork!

See you there - have a good flight guys!

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