Imperial cities and coast of morocco

Hi all! Am considering booking onto this trip to Morocco as a solo traveller! Have never been to Morocco before and would love this experience! Anyone else booked on or considering doing so?



Hello Kate.  I am similar to you in respect of being a 27 year old solo lady professional and I am going on this holiday.  I have never been to Morocco before so won't be able to give you advice but it sounds exciting.  The trip does not visit the Atlas mountains - it depends if you prefer the scenery or the city culture?   If you decide to go do tell me.  Happy holiday choosing.


Hi i prefer city culture so this trip should be ideal for me! Have booked it today. Are you a frequent solo traveller or is this your first time?




Hello Kate - sorry for being slow in replying.  I have been on the odd holiday on my own but nothing like back packing (just not organised or brave enough).  Really excited that you are coming too.  January seems to be dragging on forever - I need to go on holiday.  Do you know a lot about Morocco?  I love learning and culture but no hardly anything - need to do some research - or something!  Any tips you can pass on?  Have you ever been on an exodus holiday before?  Some of my friends have and really enjoyed it but it hard to know what to expect.  Less than 100 days though and back in time for the royal wedding! 


Hi Janet! I hardly know anything about Morocco! I have just always fancied going so took the plunge. I suppose i need to research aswell! Ive never been on an exodus holiday either so lots of new experiences! Have you got the time off work and paid final balance yet? I posted my cheque today!!!!!


Hello Kate.  You are very organised - paying the balance is one of my jobs this week.  Definitely got the time off work - with all these bank holidays it is a wonder I both turning up in April!  I hope Morocco isn't affected by the unrest in Egypt!  Have you seen the flight times - I am going to be very sleepy (hopefully not grumpy going there) - they are very late and bizaree.  Maybe it is because it is cooler at night although is it that hot in April?  Oh what to pack - dilemma, dilemma.  I am so looking forward to going though - Morocco sounds fascinating.  I wonder how many other solo travellers are going?  Happy researching.  Janet


Hi, you've got at least one other solo traveller for this one - me. Flight times are a bit mad, especially on the way back. I wonder what I can do at Casablanca airport for 5 hours!


Dear JHall5 - I have no idea how I am going to survive 5 hours stuck at Casablance airport - I don't imagine it is the hub of the world.  Sleep may be a fine thing.  I may be very grumpy in the morning!


Hi JHall5 and Janet! I assume were all on the same flight? Where abouts in the country are you both coming from? Im from Liverpool so will fly to Heathrow from Manchester. I hope the trouble in Egypt doesnt move to Morocco either! Nightmare! Have you both had your vaccinations yet? x


I'm ok for my vaccinations I think, have had them all.

I hope it's ok for when we go, I've heard there's been a little bit of trouble in Marrakech.

 I'm coming from Reading

Hi Janet, Kate and jhall5!


It's Gala from Barcelona and I'm coming to Morocco imperial cities too! It's my first trip with exodus, I joined it because a friend of mine did it last year and she recommended it to me.


I was in Morocco for one day, in Tanger, a long time ago, the summer of 2005 or so... And I'm really interested in visiting all of the cities the trip includes. I love travelling and I specially adore learning about different cultures and ways of living.


Will you all three finally come?


Keep in touch,



P.S. None of my friends or relatives has ever got vaccinated for Morocco... Which vaccinations have u been told are necessary?


Dear Kate, JHall5 and Gala,

I too watch the news with dread that the unrest will spread to Morcco - the countries seem to be taking it in turn for an uprising but from what I undertand with my very limited knowledge of these things, Morocco is one of the least likely to have such unrest as to not allow tourism so we shall see.  Vaccinations - Recommended vaccinations for this trip are: Polio, Tetanus, Typhoid,

Hepatitis A says the trip notes.  I don't think we need anything is exciting as yellow fever as we are staying around cities. 

Travelling - I am coming from Cheltenham so M4 car journey for me.  JHall5 I am technically passing you if you need a lift?

 Not too long now (I am so impatient).  Janet 


 I'm not an expert too, and as Janet said, it seems that Morocco os one of the least likely to have such unrest as to not allow tourism. I'm happy for those countries, everybody should be free, but let's hope they wait until Eastern finishes....Let's cross fingers :-)

 So at the moment we're four young women:

- Kate Hamilton -Kate_1986- (Liverpool) 24

- Janet Roberts -JMR1- (Cheltenham) 27

- Jenny Hall -jhall5- (Reading)

- Gala Escrig -Gala- (Barcelona) 34


I'll fly from BCN and I'll join u at (CMN) Mohamed V Airport in Casablanca and I'll fly with you from Casablanca to Fez!!! We'll have some time to chat at CMN airport... which as Janet mentioned doesn't look to be a hub......


In green, group flight times / In red, Gala Escrig flight times



AT 801  17APR LHRCMN  1810 2025 

AT 961  17APR BCNCMN  1900 1915  


AT 448 17APR CMNFEZ 2340 0035+1      

AT 448 17APR CMNFEZ 2340 0035+1 


Same flight - As my flight time matches the group time flight I'll join the transfer.


Keep in touch,



well, I'm supposed to be at Casablanca's airport when you arrive.




 I'm booked onto this trip as well and travelling on my own. Really looking forward to it


Welcome Claire!

Hi you all, can't wait for holidays to come!!!!!



Hi to Claire and Gala too. The group is building up nicely. I think we're all going to have a great time. I can't wait, am sick of the cold!

Hello, i'm Rich and I've joined this trip too! 

This will be my second trip to Morocco (I did the Atlas Panorama in 2004 which was my first exodus trip) and I'm looking forward to revisiting Marrakech again. I believe i'm on the main group flight on sunday evening... and I can confirm that Casablanca airport is not very exciting.



Hi all again! Hows it going? just over a month to go! Cant wait! I assume were all going to be on the same flight from heathrow? Excitment is setting in now! xx

Less than a monto to go! Can't wait! I really need holidays :-)



Hello Claire and Rich.  Looking forward to meeting you all.  I now have a guide book so time to get reading - yippee.  Not long now. :)


Just a thought but what are people doing about currency?

Currency... Still haven't thought about it... Sure at the hotels and cities there's plenty of ATM, but sure I'll bring some cash!

You can't take Dirhams in or out of Morocco so I'll be getting mine changed at the airport. I'm sure I won't need a huge amount for 6 days. I used an ATM in Marrakech before and everything was written in French!


Hi everyone,

I am also going on this trip - but I'm less organised than some of you, having only booked it yesterday!  I've booked my own flights rather than group flights, as the group flights were too expensive by the time I got around to booking.  Means I'll miss out on the fun at Casablanca - but I do have to travel on RyanAir (:

Anyway, thanks for all the useful info - the bit about vaccinatons completely passed me by until I read it here.  Probably a bit late to do much now about it now, but I've phoned up the GP surgery for advice.  Was relieved to look back at the trip notes and see nothing is complusory...

Anyway, good to know there are some other solo travellers as I thought I might be the only one (even though it's meant to be a solos tour)!

Has anyone else seen the bit in the reviews about food poisioning?  I'm hoping it won't be us this time...

John (32, from Kent)


Welcome John!

Only two weeks for the trip! As vaccinations are not compulsory I haven't been vaccinated. Let's cross fingers everithing goes well. I still have to ask for some Dirhams, but if I don't have the time, I'll just withdraw some cash at the first ATM I'll find. 

How's the weather up there in the UK? Since Thursday tempratures here in BCN are quite warm, spring is all around!





Hello John - worry not, lots of individuals so you won't get isolated by lots of couples.  Food poisoning - oh I hope not.  Where did you read that?  Best take some imodium just in case.  For those going on the group flight - What is going on with the flights - they seem to change all the time - I am starting to get confused when we are leaving or going so I hope to find some of you at heathrow and follow!  What are the flights we are now getting?  See you all very soon.



Hi Janet and everyone else! I'm confused re. flights aswell i'm sure it will all be fine! Shall a few of us try to meet up in Heathrow and all go through together?


Kate x

Hi Kate, sounds like a good idea to get together before we fly. I'll be aiming to check in about 3:30pm so if you see some guy in the queue with a big blue Exodus bag that'll probably be me.


Hi! OMG I haven't check my flights... I'm pretty busy...

I've just received an email from my flight back to BCN saying it'll be delayed one hour, no prob.

This weekend I'll check the flights from BCN to Morocco.

 Blue Exodus bag...? Haven't received it :-( I've only received a... I dunno the owrd in English: this small something u write ur adress in it and attach the item to your bag,so in case it gets lost, someone can contact you.

 Tomorrow's Friday and then only one week to go!!!!!!!!!



1st option

0034 609910652

2nd option

0034 626928303 

and my personal email [email protected]

I'll provably bring my blackberry so I'll be able to check my emails.

Don't worry, you're not missing out. I was given the exodus bag a few years ago for a walking trip. Nearly time to start packing it...

See you soon! 



I've only got the luggage tag too - so will all just have to be jealous of Rich's smart Exodus bag!

Hope the weather is still great in Barcelona, Gala, it's lovely here in England (at least here in the South East, at any rate)!

Janet - I read about the food poisioning it on the tour reviews here in the Exodus website:

... but hopefully we'll all be too smart to eat any dodgy food! :)

Hope the changes to the group flights work themselves out ok - with luck the times might turn out to be better than expected.  I've just checked in on good old RyanAir - so it now feels like I'm really setting off soon!



Which of your departure flights has been delayed? The one from London To Casablanca or the one from Casablanca to Fez?

I've chcecked and my flight from Barcelona to Casablanca seems to be delayed. I'm supposed to join you at the second flight.




I'd like to meet up with others at Heathrow. I think those of us from Heathrow are all on the group flight which has been delayed by an hour. Probably going to aim for 4-ish or a bit before. I have the pinkest suitcase in the world so will be easy to spot in the queue. Happy to swap mobile numbers too - just let me know.


Oh and by the way - currency, I am not getting any before because Morocco don't allow dirhams to be brought into or taken out of the country. Since I've got that few hours at Casablanca I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to exchange or visit an ATM. If it's anything like in Egypt my first priority will be to break into my notes so I have some change for the loo!

Morocco doesn't allow dirhams to be brought into or taken out of the country???

I've ordered only 40€ just to not arrive there without a single penny....



I don't know if they actually check people but it's true. Maybe you would be ok with just a small amount but I'm just going to change some when I get there. Usually they have exchange offices as soon as you get through customs and passport control so I think you'd be fine with no local currency right away.


Hello All,

 Here are the times for the flights for those going as a group (with some major formatting issues!)

 Really looking forward to meeting you all - I am sure we will bumb into each other at heathrow as we all seem to have those fetching exodus travel tags :)


Outbound Journey: Date Flt. no. Carrier Depart Time Arrive Time Seats     17Apr11     AT801     Royal Air Maroc     London Heathrow (4)     18:10         Casablanca         21:25     1     18Apr11     AT448     Royal Air Maroc     Casablanca     00:40         Fez         01:35     1 All times given are local.




DateFlt. no.CarrierDepartTimeArriveTimeSeats    24Apr11    AT402    Royal Air Maroc            Marrakech        09:45        Casablanca        10:25    1    24Apr11    AT800    Royal Air Maroc            Casablanca        13:40        London Heathrow        16:50    1

DateFlt. no.CarrierDepartTimeArriveTimeSeats    24Apr11    AT402    Royal Air Maroc            Marrakech        09:45        Casablanca        10:25    1    24Apr11    AT800    Royal Air Maroc            Casablanca        13:40        London Heathrow        16:50     1 

Return Journey:



 18Apr11     AT448     Royal Air Maroc     Casablanca     00:40         Fez         01:35     1 All times given are local.

Excellent work Janet. Looks like we're now taking the scenic route to Casablanca. 

I'm sure the 3 hour wait for the next flight will be fine.

Hope we don't have an early start the next morning though...


I'm glad to see that the rest of you will be around for some of the time I'm hanging round Casablanca airport (again) on the way back. My flight back there is 6am and then I'll be hanging round for the 1340.

 Surely they won't make us get up early on the first day...


Out of interest, is anybody else (who might not have posted here yet) taking RyanAir flight 2772 dep Stansted 15:50 arriving Fez 19:10?

Also, I'm assuming the whole group will meet after breakfast on the Monday morning?  I'm hoping the hotel will have some idea when breakfast will be for those on tour - hopefully not too early for the sake of those taking the group flights... Though apparently the hotel is on top of a nightclub so maybe none of us will sleep...

It's my first Exodus trip so any advice from old timers on how these things work would be greatly appreciated!


I hope Saturday I'll have time to arrange my flights and pack some clothing. I'm F_cking busy working that I still haven't got time to do anything......

I'm very used to wait at aitports and to ttake flight very early in the morning, also used to sleep everywhere so I always bring with me ear plugs :-)



Hi! How are you? Ready to fly? Due to the change schedule on both of my outgoing flights, I haven't been able to do the check-in on lien, so tomorrow I have to be at BCN airport a bit earleir than expected, go to Royal Air Moroco desk and arrange this issue......  :-(



I'm good to go now. Can't wait.

See you tomorrow : ) 

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