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Inca trail 10th July

Hi just wondering if there is anyone out there book on to the inca trail departing 10th July....well that's what it says on my paper work!


Hi.  I'm too going on the Inca Trail on those dates.  Sooo looking forward to it.  Have you been doing much hiking in preparation?!


Can't wait, it seems to be coming around so fast now though.
Trying to get out for a 10-15 mile hike once a week n been running a bit as well recently. Hope that will be enough for me to keep up with everyone else. How about you? Havr you done anything like this before?


Hi.  The hiking has been a bit sporadic.  Eg, in the last month my partner and I did 3 days of hiking the first bank holiday weekend in May, but only 1 day since.  However, we're both generally active, running and cycling.  I have bought new boots though so I need to get them more broken in!  We're going to try to get 2 days more this weekend, and hopefully another day or two before the holiday.    Plus we'll be in Peru the week before the Group meets, in the Arequipa/Colca Canyon area, so should get some more in then.  We've done mountain hiking holidays before, including Mount Kinabalu in Borneo, which was at altitude.  My experience of altitude walking is that you can be perfectly fine one minute and then suddenly you're incapable of thinking beyond walking forward 5 steps! 

What about you?


Hi Marie,
just wondering if you have heard from anyone in our group or have any email addresses you could share.
James and I would love to stay in touch, share photos and discuss possible future ( altitude friendly) adventures.
love, June


Hey June, really nice to hear from you! Hope you're well n recovered from the trip.
I've text and facebooked Dee and Dee but not got any emails from anyone else yet.
Wasn't sure who was going to start the email chain off and haven't got any e-mail addresses!
Mine is: [email protected], by the way.
I've got loads of photos I want to share and I'm sure everyone has got ones I'd like to see too.
I know James was the only person with a camera handy when I had my birthday cake!!
I feel it would be a real shame to loose touch with all the people I shared my amazing trip with and am so glad you've messaged me on here, please pass my email on to James and say hi from me
Lots of love


Hiya guys!  I can't believe it's four weeks ago tomorrow that we started the Inca Trail!  I've not received any emails either.  I seem to recall the email list was with the other June to distribute.  She's probably still on a holiday-high somewhere in S.America, or maybe with her family now in N.Ireland!  Tis a shame coz Malcolm and I had talked about getting in contact with London Dee for a coffee given she lives about a mile away from us, and we were waiting for the group email to get everyone's details.  Marie - would you mind giving me Dee's name and I'll try to find her on FB too.

I hope all's good with you both.  I'm still going through the photos but will post some up on Flickr when they're ready.  Will share the link with you when ready.  In the meantime, I'm on [email protected].  I know Marie had some great photos so look forward to seeing everyone else's too!  Hugs to all, Louisa


June W. is back in Perth now and adjusting to life, work and uni after a fantastic vacation... a bit of a shock to the system! I would imagine she will be in touch with all of us very soon.

If you email me at [email protected] I'll forward her email address.

I hope everyone is well and keen to plan another adventure! 

hugs, June


Hi Marie,

A number of us are talking to each other via email but I notice your name is not amongst us. If you send me your email I'll forward the chat emails that you've missed and make sure you're on the list and will be included in further correspondence. James has a great ( photoshopped) cd of all his pics including your birthday party. I will pass your email on to him and he will gladly make you a copy and send it to you.

My email: [email protected]

Hope all is well. 

lots of love,

June E. ( Vancouver)

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