Inca Trail

Hi everyone.  Im completely new to this travel alone stuff so it would be good to hear from anyone else that is going to do the Inca Trail on 1st Oct from Gatwick?  I cant wait to do this trip but would be good to chat to anyone else on it too to share any tips/worries/hopes etc!! Cheers.  Dawn

Hi,I'm going to,I've done the Everest base camp on solo,good way to meet new people.mark

Hi Picklednewt (Mark)
Great name! Are you flying from Gatwick too? Do you know how many others are going?


Hi Dawn, no I haven't got a clue as to how many,yep I'm flying from gatwick (I think lol)
So looking forward to it.


Did this last October and wish I was going again - an amazing trip. No problem about going alone - there were a few people both male and female in our group travelling by themselves but from the very first day we all got on well and enjoyed each other's company, making new friends. Enjoy!!!

Hiya, can't wait to go.
How much money did you take/need. And I believe it's best to take US dollars!
Any other tips most welcome.

Hi, Is anyone travelling from Manchester?

Hope to see everyone at gatwick on 1st! Just need to organise my train to the airport now lol!

Has anyone else done any trips like this?
See you at gatwick.

Has anyone else done any trips like this?
See you at gatwick.

Hi Anonymous
No, Ive not done a trip like this at all so you wont be the only one :)

Three flights,hmmm

Yep, thats exactly what I thought. That is definately one bit of the trip Im not looking forward to. That and the transfer flight - not done one of those before. If my luggage ends up in Lima with me it'll be a bonus!

unfortunately arriving gatwick at 8 am( only way I can get there on time), so hope to see some of you there before I catch terminal boredom . Like most slighly worried about interconnecting flights as the airline has not got the best reputation

Anyone leaving on the 10th October from Gatwick???

I will be at the terminal at Gatwick at around 1-2pm ish if anyone would like to meet up for pre flight chat? Getting excited now!

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