Inca Trail 26th Oct - who's going? Any tips from those that have been?

Finally I'm booked up on the trip I have wanted to do for years! Anyone else going on this trip starting 26th Oct? Or anyone who has been on this trip want to share any hints or tips?


Hi Helen, I already started a thread, but I'll jump into this one :o)

This is the first time for me on a trip like this.  I've been skiing in the alps at a similar height, but not for any length of time (because as soon as I'm at the top, I go down!)  I've been running to get my fitness levels up, but am aware that the altitude will probably still hit me when I get up there.

I've also wanted to do this for years.  I'm also doing the Amazon trip after this, and I'm toying with the idea of visiting the Nazca Lines & Lake Titicaca after that (I'm going to pack in as much as I can!)  I've opted for the 'Land Only' so am going to book my flights separately.  I should have booked the complete package at the time, but never mind!

I can't wait, but there seems to be so much to do!  My to-do list is ever growing!


Hello,  I am going on this trip as well.  This is my second organized trekking trip and my first trip with Exodus.  I am really looking forward to this.  I have done quite a bit of trekking in different countries with friends; however, this will be the first trekking trip I have done with people I do not know.  This will be my first trip to South America and I am really getting excited about it.  I am trying to get as fit as possible by going to the gym and doing some summer trekking.  My to-do list is growing as well.  I still have to purchase several items for the trip.

 I look forward to meeting the two of you soon!! :)

Great, look forward to meeting you both. Decided that it's time I started doing some prep so planning a few long walks although the terrain in London isn't quite the best prep!


... It's bigger than I was expecting (other people elsewhere in the Forum thought it was small), but I'm going to pack it away in my luggage and re-pack when I get there.

Just under a month to go and and I have a few things left on my list to do/buy, but I feel like I'm going to forget something!


I just need to get hydration (bottles/camelbak), a decent day sack, Deet and currency.

And I'm looking at a pile of gear and wondering how it's all going to fit in...

Hi all

Hope you enjoy as much as we did, we have just got back from Classic Peru trip and cannot fault anything in the organisation apart from the flight (Iberia - won't use again). Hope you get the guide we did - Flaminia - she was spot on and so friendly. We had a fabulous time and the group gelled well.

If you have space in your luggage I would recomend a Down jacket - exodus said we didn't need one but it would have been nice in the evenings when camping. Apart from a slight headache at first at alitude we didn't suffer and we are in our late 60's & early 70's. When you first come down to Machu Picchu from the sun gate it is a WOW.

Currency, I wouldn't bother getting Soles until you get there, don't take travel checks the banks don't really like them, but either US, Euros are welcome. US being their favourite.

Make sure you carry as least as possible on the Inca trail as it does get hard work. We are quite fit so fortunately our recovery rate is good.

We also took snacks incase we wanted something on the trek, but you are given snacks and also you end up having a meal at lunchtime cooked by the staff - which we found too much.

Take layers, I took some shorts but only wore them in the jungle. Trousers with zip off are best but we didn't find chance to wear them. We did get quite a bit of rain even tho the rainy season hasn't really started so be prepared.

ENJOY its a fantastic time, our first time with Exodus and won't be the last, we got home last night and already looking for our next adventure. 

Make sure you carry as little as possible

RADIOHEAD enjoy the jungle it was fabulous so much to see, hope you get Hugo he was so knowledgeable. Lake Titicaca is worth a visit and interesting especially the drive on the altiplano. Do as much as you can.

You feel totally safe, food excellent, hotels good, camping great and people so friendly


Looking back at what I've just written, I meant to say we didn't have chance to wear shorts NOT zip offs - these are best.



I am in the same position Radiohead.  I have all my gear but now I have to figure out how to get it all into my bags. 

Thank you SandraB for all the useful tips.  It sounds like you had a great time despite the rain.  I am very much looking forward to this trip.  This is also my first time travelling with Exodus.



They are plenty big enough, you only need clothes you wear plus a change for the 4days trek to Machu Picchu. Cut right down on toiletries as you only have chance to wash in a bowl. Everybody is in the same position so don't worry. You will need Deet and sun cream.

 One of our members who lived in London found somewhere where she could walk up flights of steps in her boots - this will help.

Take re-hydration satchets too incase of dehydration, they also give you a bit of extra energy.

You youngsters can do it if I can (68yrs) but we do walk a lot in Derbyshire as we have the Peak District. this all pays off.


Thanks for the information, Sandra.  All useful stuff.  I have a few questions if you don't mind me asking:

1. Did you have somewhere to store your gear (that wasn't required for the trips), i.e. the hotel?  I've got some items that probably won't be required on all the trips and I understand that one can store them.

2. How much would you recommend taking, currency-wise?  I know we're not going to be doing the same trips, but am not sure what's too little or too much.



 ... And I've been wearing my boots all for the past week!


In answer to your questions, yes you do have somewhere to store stuff you don't require. We stored some with the Tambopata people when we went to the jungle and in the hotel we used when we went on the Inca Trail.

I've just actually totted up what we spent just over 1300dollars. This included meals you have to pay for, tipping, airport taxes,sundries and gifts for the family (6 little ones) but that was for two of us. I must say our group was generous on the tipping as we felt we had excellent service.

Regarding packing I had actually sorted stuff before we left into piles for a) jungle & b) inca trail plus obviously boots, cags & overtrousers, fleeces etc. The sleeping bags they use are excellent and we did take our own liners. It is amazing how little you can get away with.

Any further questions please feel free to ask. You'll have a super time - we did.

Regards Sandra

You haven't long to go now, hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Hope the weather is also better for you, everyday on the Inca trail it rained but it didn't spoil anything, you just get on with it. It would be good if you get Flaminia as she is fantastic. Enjoy all of you Sandra

Hi SandraB

 Thanks so much for this info, really useful to get some advice from someone who has just been.  I had a marathon shopping weekend so have everything I need now except a rucksack, did you find you needed a large or small rucksack for the trek - I'm a bit unsure about what travels with the porters and what we carry!

 Thanks a gain - very excited!


hi there, I took a ruck sac which held around 22lts, my husband didn't want me to carry much (i am 68yrs old) I found this was plenty big enough for carrying cag & overtrousers, camera bits, sunoil, & water. I started the trek with a very bad cold and struggled the 1st day infact my hubbie took som,e things out of it on the way. The 2nd day which is the hardest & longest i had very little and was well away. that is not to say I didn't get out of breath but didn't suffer. Before we left home I worked out around 4.5kgs of stuff to take on the trail. They do give you scales to weigh things before you go and I found that I did have a little to spare. All I took was a spare pair of clothes plus spare underwear, trekking towel, toiletries, torch & nibbles. The latter we found we didn't need as they give you snacks and also there is plenty of foood to eat. We also bought a poncho but found it got in the way at times & preferred our own cags & overtrousers. There is nowhere to dry clothes so make sure you keep dry, what you look like is irelevant. You are given a bowl of water each morning to wash. It was great. If you stay in the hotel at the end you have chance for a super shower & sleep. We thoroughly enjoyed everything.

Feel free to ask anything  Sandra


I got a Karrimore Trail 35 (ltrs), which was only £20 in Sportsdirect.  It has loops for walking pole, internal pocket for a water bladder, stowable rain cover, zipped pocket in the lid, zipped pocket in the base (which can connect to the main bag) and 2 large zipped side pockets.  The only downside is that it doesn't have any compression straps, but I can live with that.

I'm in Lima at the moment (doing some extra-curricular activities!) and will be in Cusco a day early tomorrow.  See you there!

Thanks for the extra information, Sandra.

I have one tip.  Check your change!  Certainly in Lima, some of the traders try and take advantage by short changing you (strange currency, etc), and if you're planning to come early and are staying in a decent hotel, ask for the fare to the street address.  On a return trip to the hotel from town the fare mysteriously doubled (compared to the outward bound taxi) when the hotel was mentioned!

Of course, asking for a receipt puts them on the straight and narrow.  Something I will ask early on, next time!




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