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Inca Trail 30 may - 9 june

Hello, i'm just booking on the inca trail trip and wondered who else may be atending?

sounds very cool, but the moonstone trip sounds good too. is anyone considering doing the moonstone phase?

also, i fancy doing the white water rafting on the first day there, anyone else up for it?


Hello Ron,

Yes, I fancy a crack at the Moonstone Trek but I'm hoping to do it as part of the 19 May to 3 June Inca Trail, Titicaca and Nazca trip (TPD). A bit more Peru involved in this one. What do you reckon?



The moonstone sounds very cool but you have to book it from the off, if you are the only one on it they charge you an extra $600, as of today, i am the only one booked on during my dates 30 may - 9 jun!  so i'll see if i can wangle my way on it on the day as it deosn't cost anything extra if the group goes!

 the titicaca and amazon sound cool too, just haven't got enough time this time around, maybe next time!  gonna do the white water rafting tho, bit of fun to start the trip!

good luck terry, let me know how it goes for you?


Aye and good luck to you too Ron. I expect we'll be making similar preparations before we go on our respective trips so keep in touch so we can compare and contrast.



Hello I have just booked this trip, as far as I know there are 10 so far on this trip. This is my first solo trip so a little nevous

Hi tannie, i take it that is yor name?

 me too, first solo trip, but hey, it will be cool, i'm sure we'll all get on like a house on fire, not a tent on fire, thats bad!!! but i'm really looking forward to meeting new people and chating and seeing some fantastic sights!  very excited!



Hi Ron

I have read lots of really good things about the trip, there are so many blogs out there , very useful information.  I have even seen a video clip of the chemical toilet being set up, a folding seat and a black bag.  I have started my training for this trip already as I am a buxum mature lady who turns 50 three weeks before the trip.  I want to make sure I can complete it. The distance is fine its just the steepness I need to work on.  But they do stay every one finishes and there are people in thier 70's who do.  I am just bursting wiht excitment to be doing something that was only a dream and something other people did.





Tannie, wow, good on you!  50 isn't old, i'm 40 soon so its all a state of mind, the training can never be a bad thing, its not the steep that gets people but the altitude whihc yoyu can't really do much about other than eat well adn just take it easy which i'm sure they will do!  i'm just worried about my back sleeping on the floor for a week, haha!


where are you travelling from?  if its in the uk, i'm based out of bedford, maybe we should get everyone who is going ad all meet up for a drink, means we are all buddies when we get there?

 it will be a hoot, i'm sure!  chat soon,




I would love to meet up at Heathrow and have a drink. It would be great to meet the group over a bevie. I will be coming in from Jersey , Channel Islands. So I get to do 4 flighs and 6 airports straight off, that should be interesting . Jersey, Gatwick, Heahrow, Madrid , Lima and Cusco.. This will be the longest journey I have ever done .

Hopefully some of the others will check in here and say hi


Hi folks, my name is Diane and I am so excited about the inca trail! 1st solo trip for me as well so totally out of character! Midlife crisis at 40!! I am travelling from Belfast. never trecked before but trying to get as much hill walking under my belt as possible! Didnt know I would be able to contact anybody beforehand. So glad we can have a chat so were friends already!

The white water rafting is definately a goer for me! ( as is the bevie at the airport! )


Hello Diane, this is my first solo trip as well. I am trying to get lots of walking in as well to prepare, I haven,t yet managed more than 4 hours with out being worn out and crippled for the next few days, so lots of practise needed I think. Looking forward to the bevie

hi guys, yes, very exciting!  i wouldn't worry about the distance, its the altitude that is the killer, doesn't matter how fit you are, altitude sickness can hit anyone!

 but don't worry, the pace is easy, i've heard and we will be having such a laugh that that the thing to worry about, haha!

 catch you all soon!



Hi Guys, i'm Jo and i'm going on this trip with my husband, really looking forward to it and you guys sound up for a laugh, like the idea of meeting up at the airport, be good to meet everyone beforehand. I do agree with Ron, it is the altitude that will be awful no matter how good your fitness level is!  Hope all your traning is going well, we start this Sunday, we live in Cornwall so coast path and the moors here we come! It would be good if anyone has any training tips. Take care for now  Jo

hi Jo!

Nice to hear from you! It is great to know who will be on the trip before hand! Absolutely no training tips! I am only 4ft 11 and I hear the steps are wild steep! I was hoping someone could push me up if I was struggling lol!!

Walking the Mournes in Northern Ireland now and again!

Really looking forward to meeting you all



Hi Diane

Yeah will be really good to speak to everyone before the trip, makes it so much more accommodating when we all meet up in May. Were really looking forward to this trip, so good to do something different, were quite active but concerned about the altitude, never mind that is something we can't do anything about.

I'm sure you will be ok with the steps, it will all be an experience to remember, 2 of my friends have done it and were awestruck. Speak Soon

Take Care



It's also my first solo trip & so yes a little nervous like you guys and Diane, i'm also 4ft 11 so we'll hopefully push each other up those steep steps. Also concerned about the altitide, cos although i do a bit of running, i've not done too much climbing! I also fancy the white water rafting on the first day. Sounds like a fun way to start the holiday. Would love to meet up with everyone for a drink at Heathrow, especially as my flight from Glasgow lands 4 hours before departure & of course get a chance to meet everyone. Really looking forward to the experience, meeting everyone & hopefully having a hoot:) Karen

hi karen! I should also be arriving in heathrow  early afternoon from Belfast. It will be great to have some company!! I think we are all concerned about the altitute, and I believe there is no way of really preparing for it! my friend is just back, found it difficult but absolutely amazing!

Looking forward to meeting everyone!!



Helli Jo and Karen

It's so nice to start hearing from everyone.
You all sound fairly fit. I am working on my fitness and walking but i am as round as you 2 are tall. I will be the person at the back of the line taking it real slow. but I will finish it. I know large people do the treck but it's hard to find bloggs an them. Unfortunately i have pnumonia , so am gutted that i have lost the month of January as far as training goes.
I may not be slim but i have strong legs, and it seems the altitude can effect anyone. Looking at bloggs it seems that they allow an hour a mile on the hike as average, that's got to be a lot of up, up, up hill. So for all you fast and fit guys, have the kettle ready for me when I get into camp. I will be at early as well, so nearer the time we must make meet up plans



Hi Tannie, oh dear hope your getting better, nothing worse than being ill, keep warm and lots of R&R!. if we all stick together and work as a team supporting each other, we'll get there, i've read  a few blogs and they've said the slower you take it then the more time you will have to take in the awesome scenery and take lots of pics, it will be great. Were going to start our walking in a few weeks, i'm marathon traning at the moment, so running rather than walking!, can't wait to get out on the coast path walking though, hope everyone else is doing ok?.  Having strong legs will really help and yes i think that it there is alot of uphill. Meet up plans sounds good, we will probably come up the day before and stay at an airport hotel, spend my life rushing around so will be good to relax before the hard graft starts!  Take Care for now.


Thanks for the good wishes Jo and Diane. Back to work tommorrow.
Diane I had my gall bladder out, best thing I ever had done, a few weeks and you will forget you ever had it done . I am so glad you are not a skinny minny either, I was concerned as all the photos I can find are all of slim people, yet I know bigger people do the trek, as blogs refer to the fat people who manage to finish. I found one blog by a guy who was big, the tour leader tried to make him give it up the first day, he refused and finished it. His story was good, but it's the only one I found. I know I can do it even if I am slow and huff and puff a lot.
I start with a personal trainer on Monday, only 4 months to go and I am getting worried about endurance.

I spoke to exodus today booked my sleeping bag and got my flight booking reference , I was able to book my seat for the Madrid -Lima flight and both flights Lina-Cusco_lima, the others were not able to take seat bookings yet.



Hi Guys

Please don't worry about Endurance Tannie, you will be fine and having a personal trainer will really help, i see one and you will really notice the benefits, squats and lunges are good for the legs and glutes! Even though i'm a runner, i find when were our walking i'm alot slower, so i think i'm going to concentrate first of all is getting out and walking for a few hours, then build it up and also get used to walking with your rucksack, the extra weight in there will make a difference. You will finish it and enjoy it, so please don't worry, were all in this together and will make it an experience to remember.  We must book our sleeping bags too, one good idea is to buy sleeping bag liners, i got ours from Cotswold Outdoors. Anyway work beckons, take care for now, Jo


Hi, I'm also booked on the trip - 17 weeks to go. Woo Hoo. Love the idea of meeting up in Heathrow. I do like a wee rose wine at the airport - its the sign a fab holiday is coming up :)Its my first solo trip as well, so a wee bit nervous as well. My training started this weekend. Lovely walk on the Fife coastal path. I'm lucky being in Scotland that i have access to some great hills for getting some miles in. Good to hear that there are others who need to put a bit of training in before we go. Dawn


Hi Diane- Hope you've had your gall bladder removed & that the op was as much of a success as Tannie's with a speedy recovery.

Tannie- Glad you're well again after your pnumonia and back to work so soon, so you must be fitter than you think & I hope your 1st session with your personal trainer on Monday went well and that you enjoyed it.

Jo- It will be good to meet a fellow runner on the trip, I've not completed a marathon yet, but completed two half marathons last year & currently in training for my next half on March 11th. You could be my inspiration to go all the way:) Like you though i'm lacking in a bit of hill work at the moment & the last time I climbed Ben Nevis, I was in agony the next day, so yes I'm worried & will need to put in some training too after the half. When is your marathon?

 So that's it then, we all completely agree- yes Dawn it will be fab to meet up in Heathrow, yes we'll take it nice & slow, take in the awesome scenery, take lots of pics, support each other, make it a trip to remember & have a real laugh!!

Can't wait, thanks for the tip on the sleeping bag liner Jo & pre-booking the flight seats Tannie. Out of interest is anyone taking their own sleeping bag?

catch up again soon. Karen



Hello Dawn - welcome, looking forward to meeting you.

Karen - thanks for the well wishes.  The training has gone well, each day better than the one before.

Diane - how did your op go?

happy training  



Hi everyone, I booked to walk the trail, something I always wanted to do, never done the trekking before so a bit nervous but really looking forward to it. Hey Tannie don't worry about your age as I have 4 years on you so Dianne and Karen your not the only ones who might need a push up the steps. Have done a fair bit of swimming and biking before, but walking is new to me, so to the peak district at weekends .Deff good idea meeting up for a drink at airport. Hope your ok Tannie and Dianne and both back in training. Speak soon Pete

Hi Folks, Welcome to the new guys! hope everyone is well! I havent had my surgery yet due to cancellations so it looks like I might be bringing my gallstones with me! The weeks are flying by! I am getting some walking done, but not as much as I would like!! hopefully as the days are getting longer I will be inspired to get out abit more. Nice day planned up Antrim Hills tomorrow!

really looking forward to meeting you all!





Hope everyone's is going well, had a trip up the Peak district at the weekend and now walking like a robot. Think I need to get up there more often.Hope the gall stones behave them self' before you go Diane.



Hi Everyone

Hope the training is going well and everybody is fighting fit!  So many of you on here now, it's really good, the time is ticking away now and won't be long before were at the end of May, i don't know where this year has gone so far, doesn't seem like 5 minutes ago it was new year!

Hi Karen, yes it will be great to have a fellow runner on the trek! good luck for your half marathon this coming weekend, i'm traning for London, going well, I raced at the weekend, it was the duchy 20, a race down in Redruth, Cornwall, so i treated it as a training run, was very pleased and did it in 3 hours, so bodes well for a London time and i'm happy that London is a flat course! Where are you doing your race?

Well done to everyone on your training and hope there are no injuries, really looking forward to the trip, going to see the doctor next week to see what jabs we need and really need to sit down and sort out a kit list, so much to think about!  Is anyone staying in London the night before/after the trip? You all take care for now and speak soon, happy training guys and gals! x


Hi Folks,

Hope everone is well! Not long to go now!

 Tanya, I hope you have a good birthday, I know you mentioned it was coming up a few weeks before you go. Jo unfortunately I have a night in London at the end of the trip as there are no later flights back to Belfast. Really looking forward to this, although i had my surgery a couple of weeks ago, and didnt quite go as planned! Havent been doing too much...and feel I have been set back quite a bit! hopefully I will pick up my fitness quickly!!

Think I have all my kit sorted! ( I have managed alot of on line shopping during my recovery!)

Hope everyone else is well. see you all soon



Hello everyone

Diane my birthday is begining of May, so not quite 50 yet I am glad you have had your op, even if it didn,t go to plan , you will feel better.

I have had to cancel my trip, I got pneumonia again in Feb, any way after tests it turns out I have lung cancer and am waiting for one more test before treatment begins. I was gutted not to be able to do this trip.

I wish all of you the best time ever and please post a link here when you get back so I can look at your photos .


Hi Tanya,

I am really sorry to read your last post as I was so looking forward to meeting you. I want to wish you all the best for your treatment. I hope all goes well and you make a good and speedy recovery. Thanks for your kind wishes. We will let you know how we get on. Take care

Diane x


I had an urge to spend my birthday in Peru this year (1972 baby) so shall be joining you all - will anybody be departing from Manchester or have you organised a meet up at Heathrow? I'm more anxious about getting on the right plane than I am completing the trek!

Cheers Vanessa


Just thought I'd pop in and say hello before the trip. Very excited about this one. I'm no athlete but hope I'll be fit enough to keep up! As I'll be going to Peru from Melbourne via NY, I will meet you all at the other end.

Mariko :)


Hi Everyone,

Diane, i hope you are feeling better after your surgery and you will be fighting fit once the end of the month comes around. Tanya, so sorry to hear about your last post, all the best for when your treatment starts.  I am now not going on this trip, we have had to re-schedule for October due to work related issues, this in turn works out better as the dates fall over my husbands birthday.  Wishing you all a safe and happy trip!  Take Care  Jo


Hi Everyone , Just found out about this forum from my joining instructions (last Exodus trip was 6 years ago!). Reading comments with interest and looking forward to the trip , shame I will not meet all of you after all from the sounds of it.  

My first trip to south America - although done quite a few mountain treks.  Doing a bit of training - running in the cotswold hills  and gym lately with the rainy weather.  No half marathons though!

 Suggested meet at Heathrow sounds good as good to meet you guys and not one for killing time shopping for 3 hours!





Hi All


 I'm also going on this trip from Heathrow with a few hours to spare, it would be great to meet everyone so we can travel together. I walk a fair bit but there aren't many hills in East Anglia! I've done a bit of hill training including a weekend walking in Yorkshire and bits of the Welsh Coast path recently so think I sould be ok.

I haven't been to South America before & i'm getting really excited, not long to go now.

I look forward to meeting you all.



Hi, its Jennie again.

Does anyone still read this? I've been told that there are some hot springs near Machu Picchu & the ladyat Exodus has said we may have the opportunity to go there so i'm packing my swimwear just in case. I don't know if anyone else would be interested in this but it would be quite nice to do after the trek.

 See you all soon!

Hi everone!

Thanks Jennie, good advice! I cannot believe we are going so soon! I am excited and nervous! My biggest fear is holding the group up as everone sounds super fit!!

 I am going to be in heathrow from about 12 ish that day so let me know if anyone is arriving soon after?!

hopefully ready to go...suitcase coming down from loft this week and then it will really hit me!

really looking forward to meeting you all....

see you soon!



Diane I get to Heathrow for approx 2.30 and Jennie - I'm packing the swimming costume.....





I should get to Heathrow about 2.30-3.00 and am sure I read that taking your swimming stuff is a good idea. Don't worry about holding people up Diane, we will all be at the back with you. Can't beleave how quick the trip is coming round. Be great to meet everyone.


Hi all really looking foward to it now! Will be getting to airport about 2:30-3:00 so look out for my exodus bag! Look foward to meeting you all.



Hi Folks!

Looks like I may be first to Heathrow on Wednesday. If anyone wants to give me a shout my mobile number is 07746683829

happy packing everyone! see you very soon!


Hi Guys,

 Can't believe it's here already. I'm taking my swimming costume too & i arrive at Heathrow about 14.30pm too, so again watch out for my exodus bag!! Diane I've made a note of your mobile number & mine is 07825 588627.

Can't wait to meet you all.

Cheers, karen



Good luck everybody. I almost did this trip and was one of the first to post on this thread way back in July but I did the Salcantay route High Inca Trail instead. I just got home last night. The trek, the ruins, the country, the food and the people are thoroughly amazing. I hope you enjoy yourselves. I'm sure you will.


Hi Terry,

Hope you enjoyed the Salcantay trip. We are due to go on the trip in 2 weeks and you are the only person I have come across who has done the trip.

It would be great if you have any tips...things we should be aware of, as this will be our first trip to Peru, it seems there are only 4 people on the trip...last year we were in Nepal and there were about 16 people, should be very different.

Hope to hear from you soon,



Hello all! Back in the day i started this thread so all im going to do is say i wish you all a fantastic trip! Im gutted i cant make it, you all sound lime a cool, if not raucous bunch!

Enjoy rvery step!



Hoping to see everyone Wed, tore a calf muscle last Fri but fingers crossed I'll be at Heathrow.



Hi Folks ...almost there.... Checking the terminal 5 website i'm going to pop into their wetherspoons for a pre flight bite to eat and fizzy drink (departure side - through the gate) could be as good a place as any to meet up if anyone want to  (i'll be reading my Inca trail book! ). Otherwise see on plane ...or in Peru!.





Hi everyone,

Can't believe it's here already! I'll be in heathrow about 14:15 from Glasgow. The weatherspoons sounds ideal. I've taken note of the mobile numbers as well. Very excited and looking forward to meeting you all.


Hello Sue. They've all gone off to Peru and left us behind . . . boo!

I got back on Sunday and can't stop thinking about it. It was absolutely amazing and I was so pleased that I did the Salcantay extension as the classic bit of the trail seems a bit crowded and lightweight after being so high up in such lonely, desolate landscape. As we met up with the people on the later stages I couldn't help but smugly think to myself, "lightweights!" But it was all exceptionally good.

I've probably got loads of tips but I'm a bit pushed with my work at the moment so I'll drip feed them to you as I remember them. The most important one really is to get as fit as you possibly can but don't get into a panic if you think you're not fit enough, as I did. I'm 54 and about a stone overweight and I managed it. Some bits were very hard but the thought of not completing it never entered my head. The only symptom of AMS that I showed was breathlessness so I was quite pleased with myself there.

Any road, got to dash, but I'll knock up a list of things you might find helpful in the near future.

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